Wednesday, October 27, 2010

also, I'd like some fruit snacks

  • There is nothing quite like a marathon stake youth activity (service project AND dinner AND games AND dance, plus an hour of travel time each way) to make you (a) glad you work with such sweet and delightful teen girls and (b) glad you are NO LONGER a teen girl.  Holy.  Cow.  The awkwardness.  The eyeliner.  THE BODY SPRAY.  
  • Is it really the last season of Friday Night Lights?  I may cry.  
  • What IS it about the gym and bad TV?  For reasons I'll never understand, gym TV is the best place to find random crap you'd never stumble into otherwise.  For example, Real Housewives.  So terrifying, so wonderful, so absurd, and so ubiquitous, because it doesn't matter what day or what time I go to the gym, they are there waiting.  IT'S LIKE THEY KNOW WHEN I AM GOING AND ARRANGE IT TO BE THERE.  So, that's why this article discussion Real Housewives and zombies made me laugh and laugh.
  • You know how you become stuff you used to hate, and don't even realize it?  Well.  Yeah.  I think it's weird how childless people complain about things people with kids do, then they themselves reproduce and WHAMMO it's a steady stream of all the stuff they used to hate, all the time.  Is there no self-awareness in this picture?  I get that things change.  And I love my kids and yap about them all the time.  Nonetheless, if you say, "Pregnant women are smug and can't shut up about it," and then the moment YOU get pregnant, you start giving DAILY fetus updates on facebook ("only 67 more days!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?"), it's weird.  Kind of like single people who hate PDA and gripe about how cheesy and smug married couples are, then, wham, they are suddenly blogging about 3-monthiversary scavenger hunts and nicknames.  What I'm saying here is that I find our total lack of self-awareness as humans fascinating and bizarre.  (I know I am not exempt from these phenomena.  That does not detract from the weirdness.) 
  • I am at a life stage in which it seems hard to make hangout friends that don't make you want to poke your eyes out.  Can I get an amen?  
  • My mom and step-dad came into town a few weeks ago and helped us re-tile our whole freaking bathroom.  Is that true love or what??  There is something really awesome about people who will fly in for a long weekend, tear a wall down, put it back up and cut a bunch of tile and watch your kids and go home exhausted.  It was a whirlwind but it was really awesome to (a) have them visit and (b) have our bathroom back in business (after a minor mishap many moons ago) and now...drumroll....last week brought a beautiful milestone to the gurrbonzo household: our bathroom is officially duct-tape free.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

slightly creepy, slightly awesome

If you have a pile of bar exam study stuff that you keep around because it's only printed on one side and therefore ideal for your two-year-old to color on, and later you cut some of those papers into shapes, and then another day she colors them, there is a decent chance that she'll color an adorable pink heart and hand it to a friend, and unbeknownst to you, it'll have the felony murder rule described on the back.

Just so you know.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I must speak out

No longer can I remain silent about so vexing an issue.

To: The World
From: Gurrbonzo

Isle = island.  Like, IN THE SEA.

Aisle = passageway like at the store or the theater or in an airplane.

I know, I know, I mix up things like that with the best of them but this one is KILLING ME.  Just a heads up, if you are writing it, YOU PROBABLY MEAN "AISLE."  

Thank you for your time.