Tuesday, July 19, 2011

just to spice things up

Join me in a round of make believe. Drumrollllllll....

If I ever became bishop, the first three things I'd do would be:

(1) call a female Sunday School president.
(2) call a male Primary President.
(3) in addition to (not in place of) regular classes, create a Choose Your Own Adventure Sunday School class where every week you sit in a circle and talk about whatever you want.

Your turn.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

this is getting ridiculous

What kind of goober blogs like thrice a year?  Sorry, Internets.  I do what I can and sometimes that isn't blogging, y'know?  We've been busy adventuring, and by adventuring, I mean:
  • making the annual journey west that pretty much every Mormon anywhere else does. 
  • On said trip, hanging out with piles of friends and fam.  Lunch dates with old friends and new friends!  Weddings!  Races!  Emergency root canals!  Napless children on rampages!  I'll leave the sordid details out but in sum, it was delightful but a whirlwind and one of those vacations you need a vacation from at the end.  Especially when at the end, you find out your flight is way delayed and spontaneously decide to drive home instead! My sweet mother came home with me to watch our kids while I went to a youth camp for teen girls.  Turns out she was one of a dozen grandmas who came from Utah that week to be on babysitting duty for camp...maybe we should fit it into the church budget? Just an idea.
  • Speaking of camp, it was in Boone, Iowa.  At first I thought that was a slang way of saying it was super far away, as in, "Oh, yeah, it's all the way out in boon!" but it turns out Boone is an actual place.  I know this because I spent four days and three nights there and we're all still recovering.  BAHAHA!  It was such a great time and by great I mean hot and humid and fun and funny.  I haven't been to Girls Camp since I was a teenager  myself and if you're wondering if IT has changed at all, the answer is no.  If you're wondering if I'VE changed at all, the answer is yes.  But I still went down the waterslide 17 times due to my awesomeness.  Also, I'm still trying to decide if I slept better on the wet ground than I do at home with small children waking up all the time.  Would you rather be INTERRUPTED but COMFORTABLE, or UNINTERRUPTED but UNCOMFORTABLE?  These are the questions that try (wo)men's souls.
  • Being so friendly I freak myself out.
Also, I forgot to tell you that I got a newfangled phone that can do things like connect to the Internet.  I realize I'm like half a decade behind on this, but it's pretty handy.  Greater love hath no man than this, that he transfereth his phone upgrade to his wife.

Annnnnd that's the latest here.  How about you?