Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sometimes I want to learn to sew.

And then a part of me dies inside.

Monday, February 16, 2009

both are barfy, obviously

I hate these both enough that I'm a bit stuck in choosing which one to detest most. Input please.

Which one is worse:

1. Over-enthusiastic business-speak, a la "If we synergize, delegate and compare strengths and weaknesses, then execute a thoroughly composed business plan with a trajectory of success through saw-sharpening, cutting excess while showing we're self-starters with a lot of initiative, willing to take risks with a philosophy of economic independence and resourcefulness..."


2. Reality TV dating speak, a la "I put myself out there and wore my heart on my sleeve and made myself vulnerable, and you've just gotta BE there a hundred percent, be ready for that, ready to live your life together and be with the one you love forever and take those risks, and fall, and fall hard, and put yourself out there in spite of it all, just living in the moment."

What if you had to pick one to hear on repeat for a week straight?

Just wondering.