Thursday, October 11, 2007

We're having a kid

A few observations about pregnancy thus far:

1. I really enjoy plums. Fruit in general, but especially plums because I am often quite thirsty. And you know what? They're great, and oft-forgotten. So go get yourself a few, and enjoy. You're welcome for the suggestion.

2. My clothes are getting snug, and I am in the flattering stage of looks that vary from "Aww, she's plumping out a bit, must be drowning her law school sorrows in Skittles, bless her heart" to " anything new?" to "Back away from the doughnuts, tubachub."

3. I could sleep. all. freaking. day.

4. I made it the whole first trimester without puking. From what I hear, that's an exciting accomplishment, but now how am I supposed to guilt and/or manipulate our child about how much I barfed for it?

5. People keep asking me what I'm going to do. What kind of response does that deserve? What do you mean, what am I going to do? How about, love it? Raise it? Try to train it up in the way it should go? My new response: "Well, we've decided to keep it." No one has asked husband what he's going to do, just me, and maybe they never got the birds and bees talk, but it takes two. And we are both thrilled. And no I am not dropping out.

6. I don't know anything about little kids, and it's an overwhelming feeling to imagine that a little person, part me and part husband, will join our little fam. Will it hate us? Will it love us? Will it resent us? Will we embarrass it? Will it one day laugh with us about homonym mix ups and misplaced quotation "marks"? Will it be a poet/mechanic/florist/(insert vocation here)? Will it get its father's digestive system? (Please, please no). Will it decide to join us during finals, or will it hold out a bit longer? Will a relationship with a higher power click for it right away, or later in life, or never? Will we mess it up or will it flourish amidst our quirks? Will my nipples blister and bleed (I know, I know, it's gross but we've all heard the horror stories...come on...)?

We're pretty thrilled.


zacharoo said...

Congratu-freakin-lations! I thought I was pregnant with the strange cravings, wild sleep patterns, and when I vomit I could swear something was fighting its was out. Turns out, I'm not. So, if you change your mind about keeping the little genius, I'll adopt.

andrew said...

7. "My husband is awesome."

Right? Right?

andrew said...

I don't know what you mean by "get its father's digestive system." It works like clockwork, baby.

I think you should have a "name-my-baby" contest in the comments. I bet we'd get some great suggestions.

J said...

Whoa. Congrats. Idea: Name it a cool noun, like Apple or Cola or Contract.

supalinds said...

More immportantly...

8. Will the baby know how to shimmy right away.
9...enjoy being dragged along on lunch dates?
10...wear a Matheson for Congress onesie? a BYU or U fan?
12...will Ziz be a good babysitter?

(Don't answer that last one).

Did I mention that you will both make awesome parents. will. Enjoy.

Tarra said...

Congratulations, Gurr and Mr. Gurr! Though I am not yet with child, the painful nipples terrify me.

Nikki said...


As they should terrify you. Let me tell you. I have four. kids. not nipples. MUHAHAHA!


YIPEE FOR YOU!! I am so excited. After passing out on the couch a couple days in a row while wild children ran amok, and then yesterday nearly puking, I took a test last night. Negative. Phew! I need to lose some serious baby fat before I put on more baby fat. I'm so excited for you!!!!! You do know what you're getting for a gift don't you? Click here if you don't.

jay said...

I'm so exited for you! Our kids will be like a month apart, so they can go knocking doors together. I already bought a "Baby Democrat" onsie (and a yankees one..), so thats the way to go. My wife was way sick the first trimester, so kudos to you. Good luck and call me and let me know whats goin down!

Anonymous said...

woop woop (sorry anna, I stole your line) but ya baby. That is awesome!! please tell me I can be the baby's favorite person, please! Seriously nothing is cuter then a baby shimmying to The Lord is my light. Go Gurr!

Megan said...

yay kathleen! it's a good list, but i have to say, that even without the barfing you'll have enough to guilt the kid on later in life. i myself have experienced no barfing either, but the gas has been pretty horrendous/hilarious and i'm sure i can guilt the kid on that, and also the never quite being able to get really comfortable at night. and if neither of those is dire enough, there's always labor!!

so congrats, and, by the way, i am too.

jase said...

I must be completely oblivious of these husband who I didn't know checked your blog, knows that you are having a kid!! Hello......I am so excited!!! Wowzers, maybe we can exchange birth certificates!! hee hee

Anna said...

Wait a second... your not a virgin?

Congrats!! Sounds like your doing fab thus far. My sister inlaw not only puked several times a day but when she puked she peed her pants. So she carried a diaper bag with a change of clothes for HER. So be prepared.

supalinds said...


Anna, that is the funniest story EVAH! Thank you for sharing.

Erika Sullivan said...

Wow! Congrats, Kathleen! I haven't checked your blog in a while, that is so exciting! Parenthood is awesome, and definitely changes you forever. If you need any unsolicited (sp?) advice, you know where to come. I have two Dunn-Sullivans that run me ragged. And no, I did not hyphenate their names.