Saturday, January 02, 2010

let's do it

I'm a resolution girl.

We can still be e-friends if you're not. Many of mine aren't for the internet (not bc they're gross. Just because this isn't that kind of blog. Have you seen any pee sticks or week-by-week belly pictures on here? Exactly...) but here are two of them in an effort to be realistic and aim high:

1. Use only reusable grocery bags the whole year. I do it generally but the goal is for zero plastic ones. ZERO. Impossible? Perhaps.

2. Give birth. Preferably in the next week or two.

Do you believe in me? Let's go, reduce/reuse/recycle! Let's go, uterus! Let's go, 2010!


La Yen said...

I take my reusable bags with me everywhere. And then I leave them in the car. Rock on!

The Boob Nazi said...

I'd always forget those bags if I had them.... I know it.
And I decided most resolutions are stupid. Just because it's a new year doesn't mean you're going to magically change like that. (snaps) So I give up on resolutions.

Ru said...

Can I just say I love that you didn't put all your resolutions on your blog? I've been pondering which of mine, if any, I should make public, and I've decided only the half-marathon makes the list ... if only to shame me into really doing the half-marathon when the time comes. But now I'm totally stealing your reusable grocery bag goal, if only because I bought five of those effing bags in a burst of liberal guilt, and have forgotten to take them to the grocery store every single trip since.

Good luck with your uterus! I've got to be honest, the thought of female junk has given me post-traumatic stress ever since I had to watch the birth video sophomore year. I've preferred the stork story ever since. More power to you, friend. More power to you.

Nikki said...

Umm, no giving birth in the next week or two. Cuz I don't even know your new address. I suppose I could call your mom and ask. Or maybe you can email it to me. Yeah. Email me please at frozenwonderland(at)yahoo(dot)com.

And I like the idea of only reusable grocery bags the whole year. I have enough cloth grocery bags to do it. The thing is, sometimes I forget to take them in with me to the commissary. And I never seem to remember them at Wal-Mart. I do use the plastic grocery bags to wrap up stinky diapers. But then again, I should switch back to cloth. You trouble maker. See what you've started!

Ariel said...

What will you put your poopy diapers in?

Ariel said...

Ug. Now that I read the comments I see I am not the first to mention poopy diapers. How uncreative.

gurrbonzo said...

LaYen and BN and Ru: I know! I sometimes forget them too. But now they always go right back in the trunk, which will help.

Nikki and Ariel: Bahahaha! I know, there are uses for the plastic bags, mainly poop-related. But I feel like I have a billion. Isn't it weird how fast they add up? I think I have enough of them to last me a million diapers. But if I run out, I may consider leaving the reusables at home for a trip or two to stock up again. But seriously, doesn't it seem like you come home with a ton every time? THEY BREED UNDER THE SINK.

Anyway, why must all the comments be about the bags and none about the baby!?!? About that birth...come on out, kid!

Jordanlz said...

can I use MORE plastic bags to make up for your slack?

Come on baby!

Anonymous said...

So how's that giving birth thing going?