Monday, April 09, 2007

Lame Hits

Years ago, my buddy Nate compiled 3 volumes in a collection he entitled "Nate's Lame Hits," 3 glorious CDs of songs that we all love but are embarrassed to love, and sing along to on the radio only if we are alone and certain no one will find out, mostly 90s rock out ballads. I LOVE NATE'S LAME HITS.

For about a solid week (to my husband's immense delight, bc it reminds him what a hot, hip, sophisticated woman he got hitched to) I've been humming Beyonce's Irreplaceable...if you know it you're probably snapping and singing "To the left, to the left..." right now. Is it embarrassing that I love that song? Maybe. Or else it's AWESOME. Either way, I invite you to confess songs you love but are embarrassed to love. I'll start a few:

1. Irreplaceable!
2. Friends Stick Together (by Kenneth Cope. Seriously).
3. Crazy by Snoop Dogg (relax, I mean the clean version).
4. Sophie B Hawkin's As I lay me down to know, the one that says "do you like tacos?" in the background.
5. 2Pac's How do you want it!

Your turn. And remember, everyone is invited to contribute, even Rachel W.


Megs said... already know it - "We Believe." Thank you Kenneth.

Linds said...

Where do I start?
for some reason I have this love of Salt 'N Pepa that was instilled in me during my formative junior year of high school by two very cool girls. I amazed my coworkers last year when "None of your business" and "Shoop" came on the radio and I somehow knew all the words.
I also really like "Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey.

Rachel W said...

OK, even I'm going to contribute here. After all, Kathleen once caught me listening to "Brick" by Ben Folds Five. Here are some others...
Ace of Base - "sign"
Sublime - "santeria"
Sex and Candy song - you know what one I am taking about, right?

gurrbonzo said...

COME ON! none of those are even that embarrassing. I'm talking lame hits people. Ace of Base and Salt n Pepa are way too awesome to be lame...err....come on, lame it up a little. we're all friends here. what are you afraid of? that it's the worldwide web??

Anonymous said...

from the left to the right, this boy is outta sight...

or something like that...i don't really know the words, but you know what i'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

or how about when you secretly sing to a commercial and sort of want it to come on... he he he.


supalinds said...

Oh I will so play along...because I am the lamest of lame :)

1. The Greatest Love of All (by Whitney Houston)-why you ask...because they can't take away our dignity.
2. Candle in the Wind (by Elton John)
3. Life Goes On (by Tu Pac)
4. Somebody (by Depeche Mode)
5. You Make Me Wanna (by Usher)
6. I Think We're Alone Now (by Tiffany)
7. Stay (by Lisa Loeb)
8. Gangtsa's Paradise (by Coolio)
9. Always (by Bon Jovi)
10. Fly (by Sugar Ray)

Chareth Cutestory said...

Every single Jennifer Lopez and Gin Blossoms song.

Anonymous said...

the theme song from my little ponies. Gotta be. i just love them so much, I miss them.

Ashley said...

One word: Fergie.