Monday, April 02, 2007

rage, etc.

I am wary about posting right now since I don't want to take any attention away from my latest and very mature post "Farting in Public" (seriously, check it out) but this is important:

which of the following is most cringe-inducing*?:

A. Chicken Soup for the Soul for Women Golfers
B. Chicken Soup for the Shopper's Soul ("celebrating bargains, boutiques and the perfect pair of shoes")
C. Chicken Soup for the NASCAR Soul (including the following quote from a champion racer: "Racing around a track at 200 miles per hour is hard. Racing through life at even greater speeds is even harder.")
D. The fact that there is "Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers" brand PET FOOD.

*Sorry if you or anyone you love owns any or all of these, but COME ON.


OHANA said...

I think my mom has Pet food!! hee hee. But I think that Nascar Soul would definately be my pick. Always a thought provoking blog.

Megs said...

I vote D.

DB said...

women golfers might be the worst or pet food.
i propose a new rule. chicken soup for the soul can only have 1 descriptive word per title. if they want shopper that's ok but two words crosses the line, "women golfers" or "pet lovers" or "redheads born blonde" is too much. you hear that chicken soup? TOO MUCH.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely go with the shopping. Its bad enough that it takes more than 15 min to get a decent shirt, its humiliating to think I would need to spend 30 min to read about it before I go out. Its maddening, absolutely maddening.

Linds said...

I really can't decide. I think they're all pretty atrocious, but I think I"m going to vote for NASCAR--you can only make up cheesy analogies that involve racecars for so long. Definitely not an entire book's worth.