Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Worst oft-heard cliches/phrases that lead to insta-cringe, both of which I was exposed to today:

"Finger in the dike"

"I'm feeling a little testy."

Got any you hate?


Julie said...

"You rock my world" --some random guy told me this once. I want to kill myself when I hear it. It kind of ruined Never Been Kissed for me.
I have more, but I'm too tired.

cornnut32 said...

rocks my socks off.

similar to the rock my world one.

something about "rocks" just agitates me, i guess.... :D

Jay and Jess said...

Nothing is worse then in the doctor's office and the phrase is heard:

"I'll be gentle"

K8 said...

"Hmm. this ____ is moist"

Anything relating to food or clothing should not have hte word moist used. I don't know if it's a cliche, but still......... sick

hap bday 2day

AlliSMiles said...

when smith says in business associations, "this really is pretty basic/simple stuff." if it's so simple, why the freak do i have to take a 3-credit class on it?

i also hate the following:


Anonymous said...

I don't like the word "puberty." I found myself saying it today, and I quickly changed it to "adolescence." It's definitely the sound the first four letters make that grosses me out (is grosses even a word?).

kris said...

Those are both disgusting. I always think of teste and it's pretty gross that way. Additionally, I hate "when in Rome," but I also love it, bc it always makes me think of Anchorman.

Mrs. Clark said...

I hate it when people use the term "their" as a genderless singular--such as "have your child bring their lunch for the field trip." Aargh!

Yes, I know it's a losing battle. "His or her" is too unwieldy.

I also really hate the four-letter colloquial term for passing gas. See? I can't even bring myself to use it! I don't like to hear senior citizens referred to as "old f---s," either. Gag. Don't know where I got this, either.