Friday, October 10, 2008

grumble grumble

I'm guilty of blog neglect, I know, I know, but not due to lack of love for you and definitely not due to lack of material, if by material you mean gripe-age (I wrote gripage and realized it it looked like rhymes-with-rip instead of rhymes with ripe so hopefully the hyphen helps). And now for some griping...

I saw one of my least favorite people yesterday (not you...I LOVE YOU! You read my blog!), which is already bad enough by itself; in fact, she's the very woman who inspired most of these debbie downer run-ins but thankfully (because of something I consider a merciful act of God) we don't interact as much as we used to. Yesterday in our five minute encounter she managed to do the following:
  • said "Are you sure you can handle all THIS?" and pointed at my sleeping daughter, reminiscent of the recent inexplicably weird "THAT one" Papy McCain line. Where the crap does one take that conversation? "Nope. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" BEGIN MELTDOWN. Thanks for your faith in me, beeyotch.
  • asked if I was "still going with the whole law school thing," like a pathetically dogged maniac who's been rocking back and forth in the fetal position for 48 hours non-stop and everyone's wondering when I'll give it up and pass out or pull it together already.
  • began texting WHILE SPEAKING to me. I CAN SEE YOU. Don't make me stand there if you have something else to do because I sure as hell don't want to talk to you. (No offense...saying "no offense" is an automatic meanness-remover, right? RIGHT? Should I add a smiley to take the sting off?)
  • called me Katherine when she knows full well it's Kathleen.
Grumble grumble.

In other news, hub's a champ, I'VE HAD NO CLASS ALL WEEK, and to top things off, our kid sits up and laughs a lot and grabs my cheek and it kills me.

I wholeheartedly recommend reproduction.
I'm Gurrbonzo and I approved this message.


Lena said...

Along the lines of "al of THAT", I had someone tell me I would not understand taking home an unset child because I "don't have kids." Now, I know that I do not have kids, but don't insult my intelligence but telling me that I could not fathom what it would be like to have an upset child at home. I never had younger siblings, I have never babysat a screaming baby, I have never seen YOUR child being a complete whiner-pants. I really have no idea what it would be like to have an upset child. I'm going to go sit in a corner and read my Cosmo now. Thanks.

Just needed to get that off my chest, and you looked like a good candidate.

AzĂșcar said...

How did you not rip (not ripe) her head off?

Jen Ha said...

Gosh, I thought I was the only one with Frienemies waiting for me to drop out of school after the birth of my baby. Sorry to hear that you have these toxic relationships too.

KT said...

Here's what I want to know, how do people like this master the art of acting polite while being a jerk at the same time.

I think you're a superhero. AND, I agree with you on the whole reproduction thing. It's the best thing ever.

Jared and Laurel said...

Kathleen, I love you! Oh, man. And just so you know, I totally believe in you. I could not do all you do, but let's face it: I'm not you. So rejoice in knowing that you can SHOW this person (not that pride is your motivation for success) and just keep enjoying your cute baby. It really does get better and better (and in most ways, ironically, harder, too). As you know, I'm totally an expert* (*note the sarcasm). Hmm, "frienemies" is a great word to describe so many people from my past.... (:

Jay and Jess said...

Was it LaVar that you ran into?