Friday, November 14, 2008

glimpse of awesome, or, quotes of the day

One of my favorite law classmates just said the following about her boyfriend:

"That's the problem with being single and thirty. There's a much greater likelihood you're an a**hole."

Another classmate, about a kid in a suit with a bright pastel dress shirt:

"Look! A jacketed Starburst!"


So said...

Such truth from your classmate. She is wise.

Too funny about a jacketed starburst!

Mar said...

Good times.

P.S. I'm baaaaaaaack!

The Boob Nazi said...

Okay I was like, who the hell is Bonz? And then I figured it out. I'm slow sometimes.

KEW said...

I feel so honored! :-)

Ben said...

I really want to know who said the single and thirty thing... It sounds a lot like a Jalyn quote... Great blog by the way.