Thursday, June 03, 2010

Two items of business

1. My mom normally resides about 1,200 miles away but she is visiting us! Not only does this delight me, it also makes me feel like I'm on vacation, and there is not a lot cuter than seeing your mom make your toddler laugh so hard she gut-giggles. To borrow the startling but strangely fitting enthusiasm of a girl in church who once told a story ending with the words "Yay God!", I would just like to say, "Yay moms."

2. I have read all of Abraham Verghese's books in the last three weeks and it's kind of of making me want to become a doctor. But I also went through this stage with trucking and flower arranging so maybe it will pass.


Ru said...

I go through the new job phase periodically. I still think I might like landscaping better than what I am currently doing. I would think that's a bad sign, but I do the same thing with the food I order at restaurants.

Have fun with your mom :)

Just SO said...

Say Hi to your mom from me! Enjoy the visit.

I wanted to be a trucker when I was growing up too!

Deanna said...

Having had the pleasure of meeting your Mom, I echo "Yay Kathleen's Mommy!" She is pretty awesome!(and since we met at church, Yay God!)

Jordan and Jandee said...

I think you should be a flower arranging trucker doctor (preferably one who transports flowers). That way you can pull over on the highway and help people when they have an emergency (its kind of like the ER is brought to them), then if they die even after your expert doctor care you can at least give them a flower arrangement for the funeral. At least that is how my seven year old brain would want to kill all three birds with one stone.

Sharon said...

I still want to be a trucker. I think I will do it when I'm an old lady. I'm tough like that.