Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rage and Reflection, this fall on NBC

  • I went to high school at EFY ten years ago. Last week was my high reunion and I didn't go, because it took place 1,200 miles away from where I live. I know it's not "cool" to want to go to those things, but I admit I would've liked to have gone, because it would be fun to catch up with randoms, and also I have a pretty awesome life so wouldn't feel sheepish running into people who knew me in the late 90s. I bet it's more fun to catch up with randoms when your update is that you have a kickass life than it would be if your update was that you were a crackwhore or something. (No offense if you're a crackwhore.)
  • It will come as no surprise to most of you that I hate wooden blocks that spell random stuff. I know, you're probably thinking, "Whoa, hate is a strong word, gurrbonzo." I know. This is why I've used it. I just don't get them. I saw one a while ago that said "B-L-O-O-M." What? Who are you talking to? Am I supposed to bloom? Are you just reminding me that things, in general, bloom? Or "S-U-M-M-E-R." Okay. Yes, that is the current season. Why is that a decoration? I may as well put wood blocks on the piano that say "B-R-E-A-T-H-E" or "A-I-R" or "9-9-%-H-U-M-I-D-I-T-Y." I just don't get it. (It's okay if you have them. We can still be friends. I just want to know, WHYYYYYYYY?????????)
  • My toddler and my husband went on a daddy-daughter date tonight and it was freaking adorable enough to melt my cold heart.
  • Remember how I work with the teenage girls at church? Our stake young women's summer camp theme is "Daughters of a King" and they are doing a bunch of princessy stuff, and each congregation was supposed to choose a name associated with the theme. (For example, one group is "The Princess Brides.") What did my sharp and hilarious girls choose, with no prompting from me? CHESS QUEENS. Because "they're the most powerful piece on the board." Ahh! My heart swells just thinking about it.
  • Today I was looking at a couple of different community education classes and found the following gems. Yes, these are actual names of classes offered. HOW WILL I NARROW IT DOWN? "Making Friends With Yourself," "Developing Your Intuition," "Beginning Bridge--The Card Game," and my personal favorite, "Breaking Into Sitcom Writing."


La Yen said...

Now I want some blocks that say S-U-C-K-I-T

Also, I don't think I want my kid going to a camp where she is a Princess Bride.

Also, please teach your YW all the words to Killer Queen. Then they can be dynamite with a laser beam.

Mhana said...

I do not really understand displaying any mottoes. I receive something from a thoughtful friend for pretty much every occasion -- our wedding, my birthdays, our anniversary. I really hate it if it was home made and crafted for me personally because then I feel too guilty/am unable to immediately give it to someone else.
Our YW camp theme is also daughters of a king and the woman in charge is building a medieval village/castle in the middle of the forest out of cardboard. THat at least is her vision. I am working on a PhD in history so she asked me to help her make it authentic. I politely weaseled out.
#1 I don't study medieval history and know practically no more than the next person about architecture from 700 years ago.
#2 Even if I did you couldn't pay me to erect a cardboard fortress in the middle of the woods because I cannot see the merit in going to the wilderness only to recreate a sham civilization out of a material not noted for durability.

Motion DeSmiths said...

Good call on the community ed classes. They sent me a list of class offerings that say a lot about where I now live: "Comparing Varietal Wines," "Design YOUR Successful Aging," "Herbal Remedies for Allergies," and "Dating for Grownups."

The B said...

Wooden blocks that spell things out create a more literacy-rich environment for young children at home, giving them a solid foundation for their education, and consequently the rest of their lives.
But I don't judge you for hating them. ;)

Deanna said...

Making Friends With Yourself is what I have been missing. I just needed a class, I guess, to stop being my own arch-nemesis. Hee hee. I want to hear about the success rate of the graduates of the sitcom writing class. Awesome. I would love to meet these teachers. I've heard there's a great class locally if you want to be instructed to stand on one foot. (Did I just hear you BOOO?)

Andrea said...

I wasn't sure what you meant by the block letters, but I just saw a blog that had them and now I get it. I would like to add that I can't stand those big blocks with words on them all cutesy and those lame tiles with church sayings on them. I got two for our wedding.

Ariel said...

I own "Eggs" "Fall" and the entire alphabet of wooden blocks so I can spell whatever I please. You can thank enrichment night and my mom's habitual Smith's Market Place clearance rack splurges for my wooden blocks.

Don't worry. Our ward will be making wooden countdown blocks displaying NUMBERS instead of letters for this year's fall enrichment activity. I know you will totally be there with bells on!

Annette Lyon said...

My daughter came home from Girls Camp today. And now I wish they'd been the Chess Queens. That totally rocks.

As for block decorations . . . I can't decorate, period. So I don't have those--or taste of any kind, apparently.

(Definitely take the sitcom class. That makes so much sense!)

Brooke said...

I've always wanted to learn to play bridge.

b. said...

La Yen, FTW!

Mrs. Clark said...

La Yen and Mhana rock, as usual.

Love the Chess Queens (somehow, though, I don't think the stake YW presidency had "the most powerful piece on the board" in mind when they chose the theme, but hey, they deserve what they get).

One year our Youth Conference theme was "Hold to the Rod." I was flabbergasted, and had to explain to my YW pres. what the (crude) meaning was. An insightful brother got them to change it to "The Iron Rod."

As for community classes--there are such weird ones here in VA, too. Some people have too much time on their hands. At least when I taught adult ed, it was something useful, like scarf-tying and how to clean out your closet. (Hee!)

Mrs. Clark said...

Oh, and I have no wood blocks or sayings on tiles either. We are still making fun of the resin grapes that graced every LDS coffee table back in the 60s.

Mhana said...

So I went to my new ward in Lyon and was invited to a member's house. Not only was there NO CENTERPIECE or even a TABLECLOTH for RS, but the member did not have any mottoes or pictures of the temple or the savior or the first presidency or ANYTHING. She did have one thing that looked like a visiting teaching handout, just a stained piece of paper with typed words. I mean is the church even TRUE in France?!

Sara said...

Dear Gurrbonzo,

I understand that bar studying is vital to your future professional success, but please keep in mind that your blog writing is vital for my future professional success.



James McOmber said...

I wanna break the hell into sitcom writing. NOW.

Matt Conlon said...

I have often wondered about decorating with words... Never a big fan. I'd be more interested in seeing a flower rather than the word "Bloom".

Even in advertisement, a picture or graphic or something is far more effective than a word. I don't know anyone who looks at the word "Kitten" and says "aweee." but most people will do that if you show them a picture.

Not that I decorate with kittens mind you. Just saying.