Tuesday, August 17, 2010

pretty sure we all deserve a Slurpee.

Have you ever had one of those days where you finish up a cross-country roadtrip with small kids by driving 1200 miles in one day, and you arrive home at 2 AM and your poor kids have the travel-shits and take turns accidentally emitting various bodily fluids onto every imaginable surface in your home, and your toddler refuses to nap and you consider it a victory that you manage to shower and right after you finally get dressed your kid burps up all over your only clean clothes, and your house looks terrifying and then you suddenly realize the sister missionaries are coming over for dinner and you have Mother Hubbard cupboards and your spouse will be home later than usual? And at the precise moment you realize you just used the last diaper in the house, your toddler accidentally headbutts your baby and both begin screeching cries of tortured fury?

Yeah, I had one of those.

How was yours?


Deanna said...

Ooooh. I'm sorry. I am glad that you are back, both to blogland and our neck of the woods.

On a side note, the post title and mentions of runny poo made me think of one of the funniest 30 Rock episodes ever, which includes a line about ice-cold diarrhea from too much jamba juice.

I do hope that life settles down for you and soon.

Birdy said...

You deserve at least a Slurpee. You had a day in the trenches. At least you are home and can resume the livable routine. Here's to hoping for an easier day tomorrow.

Brooke said...

Nope. You totally win. You also deserve way more than a Slurpee. Maybe a mountain retreat complete with noise-cancelling headphones and a massage?

And I thought waking up at 5 a.m. so I can renew my driver's license at 7 a.m. before getting to law school at 9 a.m. THREE DAYS EARLY was bad. At least my carrel doesn't throw up on me. Where did you go on your road trip? =)

Andrea said...

Now I know why members didn't give us referrals at dinner appointments.

Anna said...

Im laughing right now. Not becuase of your hell day but because you said travel-shits. AND there is nothing worse than those.
Go have a slurpee... and a steak.

you rock!

Jared and Laurel said...

Wow. I shan't complain today. Maybe later, but not today. Thanks for sharing in a way that only you know how, making us laugh! Good luck.

Ariel said...

I think I experienced a variation of your day last Monday. My kid was oober constipated, but I don't have to feed the missionaries till tonight.
I hope your trip was a little more positive.

KT said...

RIGTH after I read your post, my two year took off her poopy diaper and started running all over the house with poop on her bum.

I don't have to feed the missionaries, though. Good luck. :-)

katie m said...

Today Henry was standing on a chair listening to some kinder musik when he motions me over, picks up some mysterious soft green ball of something and hands it to me. Yes, it was what you're thinking.

But I still think you win.

The big q is, was the trip worth it?:)