Wednesday, December 29, 2010

two major holiday victories

Victory one: I made a kickass felt playhouse.  Do you know the kind I'm talking about?  It fits over the card table?  This is kind of a big deal when you are someone who doesn't make things, AND doesn't really have a huge desire to make things.  But I saw a pattern and got my heart set on making one, which was ambitious considering I've sewn two things in my life, a bag at age 12 as part of a 7th grade life skills class and a pillowcase at age 27 with my dear friend MCB (literally) holding my hand.  Yeah, so I had a bit of a learning curve on this one.  But thanks to Mama Gurrbonzo who came into town for a few days right in time to lend a much-needed helping hand, the playhouse happened, and it only involved staying up til 3 AM thrice.  May I be frank?  It basically rocks.  It has the same house number on it as our house has, and a harvest-able garden, and a flower pot with removable flowers, and a mailbox with awesome letters in it, and our kid likes it.  It makes me feel like even if I never make anything else, it will be because I don't want to and not because I can't.  Now I force people who come over to behold it and applaud us all. 

Victory two: We (successfully) had a bunch of people over on Christmas Day.  I love having people over, but most of the time it's a handful of people.  We live in a land where everyone clears out for the holidays, sometimes for weeks at a time.  Whenever I found out someone was sticking around for Christmas, I found myself saying, "Hey!  You should come over!"  So 20 people later, we had ourselves a houseful of friends and neighbors (okay, so 8 of them were kids, but doesn't 20 people sound more impressive?) and it involved ham, turkey, blahblahblah, a dessert assortment to be reckoned with, and speed scrabble into the wee hours, and I'm glad it happened.

(Annnnnd it was on Saturday.  And our two-year-old just found a cupcake from it behind her bed.  It's Wednesday.  Everyone act natural.)

Any holiday victories on your end?


Brooke said...

The playhouse sounds awesome! Isn't it funny how life leads us to do things we said we never would like sewing? I found myself canning this summer and almost simultaneously passed out from shock and pride. Your kid will love that thing forever! I still have great memories of some of the things my mom sewed for me when I was little.

Our victory was bending the continuum. Somehow all of the family commitments our parents wanted us at aligned to allow us to give them all the attention they wanted and not have to cut anyone short and we even got some alone time. In other words, we got through the holidays showing up to three different parties and without receiving a single guilt trip from any parent about how "It was sure nice of you to stop by. Maybe next time you'll be able to stay longer." We feel lucky our parents live close enough to see all them during the holidays and it was nice to actually make the ideal happen. Success!!

Mhana said...

I, like you, have limited sewing skills. I took lessons as a kid so I know "needle down, lift and turn" but that is about it. But I got my heart set on making quilts for my friend who is expecting twins. Halfway through I found myself devoutly wishing she were only expecting one so Icould be DONE already, but I eventually made it. I even did free motion quilting instead of just straight lines. My mom said it only worked because the back was flannel which is very forgiving of tension problems but I don't care. I'm glad the last step is binding, because I do know how to hand sew neatly and I could do it while watching soap operas for the first time in years, which was very rewarding for me. Now all I want to do is watch the soaps. Oh well. Still, victory for the not-very-crafty!

Nikki said...

I want to see pictures of your felt playhouse. I have seen these around the blogosphere and have saved the idea to my to-do-one-day folder. But I'm afraid I'll mess it up. royally.

And you are super awesome. I wish I was there at your Christmas get-together.

I love reading your blog. I can hear you talking.

Dorothy said...

I wish I was at your Christmas party, too! I have always wanted to do something like that, but we have family around who demand time from us (okay, it's also pretty nice to go there, too). Anyways, I'm super impressed with your accomplishments and just you as a person in general. And the cupcake.

SkippyMom said...

I ROLLLLLED over the cupcake thing. "Everyone act natural." Been there - done that. heehee

The house sounds adorable and congrats - I have to agree, can we see pics please? YAY!

Sounds like a great day. I miss the days when we had 20 people over for the holidays. [sort of]

Our victory was the ability to re purpose a snowman fondue pot for gravy at Christmas dinner b/c I had run out of bowls and do not own a gravy boat. I will do this for the rest of my holidays b/c the gravy stays amazingly hot all through dinner and it is festive!

Anonymous said...

1). I agree, must see pictures.

2). I gained weight over the holidays. Oh well, back to Zumba!