Monday, September 17, 2012

still rocking and still rolling

Aloha, internets! Know what I like about us?  That we can all just act natural when I blog like twice a year.  Hope things are going great!  A sampling of the latest around here:
  • Ich bin swamped.  I've bitten off a tad more than I can chew in terms of my current time commitments and now I'm just riding the wave. BAHAHA.  I have a pretty cool full-time gig, and the last month or so has been the very busiest time of year, as in, my head almost exploded several times, and for reasons I still don't understand myself, I agreed to teach an additional class a couple evenings a week for the next month or so, which I enjoy but may have been a poor choice considering my good husband just went back to school and our busy little girls are a blast but like I said, busy, and oh yeah, I have a full-time job.  Come on, gurrbonzo, you gotta start taking stuff OFF the plate rather than piling it on, sister.  Working on it.  
  •  It's always helpful/interesting/surprising to realize whoooooops, I'm overbooked, and the current pace?  It's not sustainable.  Sooooo, just in the midst of trying to anticipate and prevent a meltdown before it arises.  So that's where I am, life strategic planning.  Visualize success in the anticipate and prevent meltdown stage!
  • Additionally, remember how I'm YW president (aka the chick over the teen girls at church)?  The other leaders and I took turns being out of town for giant chunks of the summer, so imagine my delight when everyone got back into town and we had a marathon meeting where we figured out all of our fall plans and delegated tasks accordingly and as a little group got all of our church-ducks in a church-row.  This was right in time for my busy work season so I figured, YESSSSSSS!, assignments are made, bases are covered, expectations are clear, all systems go.  Then imagine my laughter when I got word that they'd "identified new callings" for ALL the other women working with me and I'd need to suggest an entirely new line-up (except me) in about 48 hours.  Bahaha.  The old line-up was awesome and the new line-up will also be awesome.  Just laugh with me for a moment about how our giant meeting that brought me much relief became immediately obsolete.   
  • We had a big stake RS meeting the other day and I didn't realize it was coming up quite so soon and that I was supposed to speak at it.  Bahaha.  I'm running on empty/stretched a little thin/whatever other phrase can imply that I'm about at capacity, so I had to laugh when I realized this was coming up but figured hey, I can go with the flow.  Welp turns out some folks from the press were there and recorded the whole thing as part of a special about Mormons in our great state.  BAHAHAHA.  There were a bunch of other speakers too so I'm sure it was no big deal; it just FELT like a big deal because....I NEED A NAP!
  • Which is why I fell asleep at 7:30 PM on Saturday.  Totally recommend that.
  • Did I mention I saw President Obama speak a week or two ago?  Because I did!  If you're wondering if it's worth standing 5-6 hours outside in the rain to see the current President of the United States, the answer is yes.
  • Also, did you know we're expecting a little boy?  Because yes, yes we are, and we're thrilled, but I'm also terrified of how we'll function with three children.  "But gurrbonzo," you say, "We have 4/5/6 children, and it's a breeze!"  Well, dear reader, I salute you, but I'm not you, and I'm so, so, excited, but periodically I also realize that I don't know what on earth we'll do with more kids than adults!  What about when they gang up on me?  What if I need to pick everyone up?  That's it, no more outings.  Also, growing a baby makes me sleepy.  Also, THREE kids is a lot of kids!!!  I am the youngest of two so this is rather unfamiliar territory.  We alternate between giddy excitement (about 80% of the time) and freak-freak-freaking out (10% of the time) and a calm zone out (10%).  But, overall, hurray!  
That's the latest around here!  You good?


Fig said...

1. You consistently make me feel terrible about myself, because I feel maxed out just by student teaching (which is a full-time job, but still) and caring for my ONE child, and having a calling I can basically phone in (teaching Primary). You are a hero and I am a putz, but that's okay.

2. Congratulations! Pregnant! Yay!

Mhana said...

That is exciting about baby #3! Last night a little girl from my ward gave me a long and serious talk about how I need to buy a guinea pig, after I told her I have no children and no pets. She walked me through all the benefits, and how it could be small, and live in a cage. Good points all around. Maybe this should be my gateway to motherhood.

I know what you mean about YW. Sometimes I feel like we're working in one of those vending machine games, and we're all fluffily getting things done, but then a claw descends from heaven arbitrarily removing one or many of our number, and the stock does not get replenished promptly by the maintenance man. The worst part is my husband is the ward clerk and he is 95% discreet -- just enough to hint that he knows something, but no actual information. Is the claw coming? Did the new animal refuse to come to our vending machine? He knows, but isn't saying.

mandorama said...

I'm betting those women with the 4/5/6 children who think it's a "breeze" don't have full-time jobs. Just do what you can do, Gurr! Babies are portable!

Lindsay said...

I think the thing that makes your infrequent blogging tolerable is that you are so funny. It makes the waiting worth it. You are incredible, I hope you know that or at least have been told by others.

That little souffle you have baking in your lady oven is one lucky little guy!

Nikki said...

1. You will do awesome and CONGRATS!

2. If you're not worried about hemorrhaging and bleeding to death during pregnancy, you will do awesome and CONGRATS!!!!!

3. Number 3 for me was and is still my easy one. So is #7. Well, I have to admit number 8 is pretty easy except the whole being unable to eat, almost dying during pregnancy, and hubby being halfway around the world the whole time. But she is a sweet little well-tempered Biscuit. ;)

I was really REALLY nervous about expecting number three. It turned out to be not-so-scary after all.

La Yen said...

ATTENTION: I just googled "debbie downer feline aids" and your blog was, like #3 on the results. I think that you never need to accomplish anything else in your entire life.

Also, boys are rad. But they eat WAY more bugs.

Just SO said...

Sounds like that is quite the wave you are riding! Enjoy the ride but get some sleep as well.

And congrats on the little one on the way. You will do a great job with three I am sure of it.

Cindy said...

Wow, I wish it were appropriate to worship people. If so, I would worship you. You make things seem possible and I love it. Even on overload, you can do it. And I'd be totally fine if you shipped one of you adorable kiddos to me. Oh ya, that's crazy talk. But they are so cute and they have your genes which means they are going to be fantastic. Anyhoo, just thought I'd drop a line.

And thanks for the awareness that kids are getting baptized who were born on our mission. Does not make me feel old, not one bit.

Mrs. Clark said...

A boy! That's so exciting. Be prepared for a big difference! A lady at church, mother of five, told me when I was expecting, "You're never busier than you are with three." This is true--either fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective!

Get ready for him to terrorize his sisters in a couple of years! You'll love it!

Jared and Laurel said...

Do you ever do anything ordinary? I am AMAZED you've been doing all this...AND PREGNANT! Congrats on the boy!! Very exciting stuff, Kathleen.