Thursday, April 25, 2013


The next time I want to throw a My Little Pony party for a couple dozen 5-year-olds the same weekend as I end up in charge of the ward talent show/dessert auction camp fundraiser and going to a 5k in the next town over for work and we have a board meeting and I'm teaching the Sunday lesson in YW, and a buddy is driving across the country and decides to pop in overnight with her husband, and I have a two-month-old, I need you to talk me down. Got it? Because last weekend ran me over like a truck!  Whew!

  • "CHAOS IS HEALTHY!" is my new mantra, which I say at least thrice a day to kind-hearted strangers who tell me "Oh, sweetheart, you've got your hands full!" Truly, "chaos is healthy" is the name of the game lately and it may end up tattooed on my rump if this continues.
  • I had a kid in February and he is a dream. Oddly enough, all three of our kids were due on a Thursday and born on the following Tuesday. Weird, right? This little cutie has two big sisters a couple inches from his face most of the day and it is unbearably sweet. So far he has been our most mellow baby by a mile (or are we just less uptight?). Regardless, I love him.
  • Some of my very favorite friends are moving in the next few weeks and it's giving me the bummers. I realize that when you live in a college town with a big fat university hospital, chances are that most people our age-ish and stage-ish are just passing through, and I also realize that I'm 30 years old and need to suck it up, but, WAAAAA! 
  • I should have guarded my maternity leave more closely; I ended up doing more work earlier than I should have; that whole real, regular life thing is SNEAKY and creeps up so fast when you're trying to soak up the newborn magic. Learn from me, internet, and guard your baby time!
  • I read Lean In and wish everyone would get off Sheryl Sandberg's back. It seems like no one who is ragging on her HAS ACTUALLY READ HER BOOK.
  • Can't believe I have a FIVE-YEAR-OLD! Wasn't she born just last week?? Alas, she has all these friends and opinions and is pumped for kindergarten. I can't wait to see who this chick turns into because she is so sharp and thoughtful and determined. Speaking of determined, my wise friend Jennifer reminded me to go easy on our three-year-old because "you just created a middle child!" and oh how I'm trying to. Will she stop peeing her pants soon though? Because SHEESH.
  • I am working on simplifying the heck out of my current scene since I am wound up all the time lately with my mind a-racing and it turns out perma-mega-high-alert is a crappy way to function! And I know, you're probably thinking, seriously, you're simplifying but you couldn't put someone else in charge of the talent show?? Welp, believe me, I tried. My delegation efforts were sabotaged when the woman who was supposed to be in charge ended up going to "dental prom" instead (yes, that's a thing). Know what else was sabotaged? Dinner. My go-to recipe book that never lets me down is apparently not quiiiite as foolproof as I'd hoped since my pizza crust yesterday came out looking like giant garlicky discs of giraffe dandruff.

 That's what's new around here! You holding up okay?


Motion DeSmiths said...

Giraffe dandruff wins the prize for best thing the Internet has offered me today. Well done.

Ru said...

I just have to say, I really enjoy your random updates :)

Birdy said...

Chaos is healthy? Okay, let's just go with that for now.

Happy to see a little update on you.

Hope to meet baby soon, or at least before he's 14.

Dorothy said...

I'm sorry your weekend was so stressful but after reading this I can't help but wish I was the buddy who popped in with her husband while driving across the country!!!!! If we do drive across the country in October when Nathaniel starts, I'm going to request that you clear your calendar a bit, k? No, sorry to be so selfish, you've got responsibilities and all, but goodness I miss you! Especially since I left facebook. Someday we'll have that deep conversation--about everything--I've been craving. (I tried to write that sentence so that it wouldn't look like I wanted to talk to you about chocolate and pasta. Did it work?)

Anyway, I totally agree with you about Sheryl Sandberg. Every criticism of the book I've read is thoroughly rebutted IN THE BOOK. Come on people. Read!

I wish I'd been around to do the talent show. I definitely wouldn't have ditched it for the dental prom, my teeth kinda suck, and I love talent shows!

And my my little guy, although a little older than your little guy, is also a dream! They could be dreamy together! Someday!

I hate it when people tell me that my hands are full. I like your response. I just want to roll my eyes at these people. If they feel pity for me, they should help, not just point out how frazzled I look.

And Summer still pees her pants too and we just celebrated her fourth birthday. If it makes you feel better.

Okay, I gotta go pretend like I've been cleaning the whole time Nathaniel was gone. Miss you!