Wednesday, December 13, 2006

high on life, baby

(insert large, ugly but heartfelt sigh, like a whale exhaling pounds of brine shrimp, but not as smelly)...DAMN! It feels good! What does, you ask? Did you just run 10 miles? Regime change? Another tasty lunchdate? Buy one get one free for somethig wonderful? Did you win the lottery?

No, ladies and gentlemen, much much better than all that. I just finished MY FIRST LAW SCHOOL FINAL. woowoo! Did I fail? Maybe! But is over? Hell yes it's over. One down, two beasts to go. GOODBYE, PROPERTY. It's funny how last week I asked everyone who made eye contact with me, "Was this voluntary? Was law school my idea???" and now I keep pounding my chest and yelling "Bring it the freak on." Hrmm. Bipolar? Perhaps. But sshhhh, I don't think Andrew knows.

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Anonymous said...

Congradufreakinlations! That is awesome.

15 days till the big day! Got your two are cute together..
-sigh-...can't wait for you to get married. You are going to dig it.