Saturday, December 16, 2006

We love you 1991

Close your eyes and go back to fourth grade with me. You know, spandex shorts, hypercolor shirts, long division and Family Matters. New Kids on the Block and writing in cursive are totally old news and Achey Breaky Heart is new news. You there? Now imagine your fourth grade self: you enjoy reading the occasional chapter book and Kriss Kross is making you jump, jump. You can probably name a few state capitals, maybe you did a report on clouds or whales. Imagine your fourth grade self sitting down to take a calculus exam. Impossible! Sure, you had your multiplication tables down pat, but one glance at an advanced study guide and you'd be saying "Mom, why are there letters in math? What do these shapes mean? Is this a funny joke?"

That is my life right now. I hate you, Civil procedure, bc you are the calculus exam and I am the 24 year old fourth grader. Is it in English? How do I know what the difference is between Sections 1441 and 1332? Is "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted" the same thing as "nice try"???

Where am I??

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OHANA said...

you amaze me Kathleen, how can one comprehend so much info, and then that much more the next day. I am overloaded with what Disney is coming onto DVD soon, so that I can sit my children in front of the TV and rot their brains.