Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am about to meet my new hero

Some girl is about to come stay with us. I've never met her but I definitely admire her. Admire her as if she were one of those people who climbs Mt Everest each spring, barefoot, blind and naked and/or writes computer programs with her feet because she lost her hands and both eyes thanks to the troubled neighbor kids messing with fireworks again. Why do I admire a stranger this much?
Because she is apparently friends with two people I know. While being friends isn't usually amazing by itself, it is in this case, primarily because if she IS friends, it means she had to have BECOME their friends at some point, which means she broke through a fierce, rocklike ice barrier impenetrable to mere mortals and for that I applaud her, because I've spent an entire semester trying and failing miserably.

Mystery girl, I salute you!

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OHANA said...

how funny, who is this mysterious girl?