Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reasons You Should Applaud My Bravery

1. Saturday I got in a swimsuit. Six and a half weeks after pushing out a kid. Good job, eh?
2. We blessed our cute baby Sunday and she was really cute and really good and really cute. Same with hub, who refrained from changing her name during the blessing; I shall therefore bear him more children.
3. We actually (gasp!) cleaned up our home in anticipation of the festivities involved in the event mentioned in #2. This includes the bathroom...yikes.
4. I got up in front of the whole congregation even though I was 90 percent sure my boobs were about to leak.


Erin said...

i will totally applaud your bravery if you post pictures of yourself in said-swimsuit.

just kidding. but i DO want to see blessing pics of the baby.

and hah! the leakage comment brought back memories of joseph's blessing ... same thing. the internal debate raging about wanting to share a testimony but fearing some serious and sudden let-down.

Kiersten said...

Yes, but did you wear the swimmingsuit to the baby blessing?

Because THAT would be brave. And bizarre.

Still, kudos. I'm impressed. Cue applause.

The worst is when you think you are wearing nursing pads, and sitting on the couch at church when your milk lets down. No big deal, you ignore it. Until you feel your shirt is soaking wet, and realize that you did not, in fact, put in the pads that morning.

Did I mention the dozen or so single's ward members that were out in the foyer as well? Yeah. But at least I wasn't in a swimmingsuit.

megandjon said...

they have these super cool things now called nursing pads. they cut out a lot of the worry!

and i think you are going to beat me on the swimsuit by about 7 months, or forever.

Mar said...

What the hell were you doing in a swimming suit?! I am proud of you.

gurrbonzo said...

Erin: Quiet, you.

Kiersten: How do you know I didn't wear the swimsuit? Also, foyer story--AWESOME.

MegandJon: When you are me, NURSING PADS DO NOT ALWAYS EQUAL PEACE OF MIND. Let's leave it at that.

Mar: Good question.

Erin said...

umm, i have to agree with gurrbonzo about nursing pads. they are NOT failsafe. i always wore them, but often, often, often had leakage.

zacharoo said...

Please bless that you wore the swimsuit to the grocery store or to school. Also, what is the kid's name? Email me so you don't have to tell the whole internets ( Please also bless that her name is Amber Gurr.

Natalie said...

I kind of wish there had been leakage. That would have made for a good post.

Supalinds said...

I am glad you survived without leakage. Breast pads sound like a good idea :)

Anna said...

I am with natalie, leaky momma boobs all over the pulpit would have made for a great blog. darn.
But wowza a swimming suit?! You are a champ.