Thursday, May 29, 2008

more reasons the internets are awesome

I recently discovered (shall we say, MUSIC-overed??) a real e-treat. If you ever want to listen to a combination of say, calm gospel, funk and folk music from, say, 1954, it's only a click away! Style, mood, year of your choice, any combo...Choose Your Own Adventure! What a beautiful change this will be in the law library; no longer will I have to peruse random shared itunes libraries and bust a gut over how many people have tracks of THEMSELVES SINGING (not a joke). It's blowing my mind. Knock yourself out.

In other news, in 9th grade, two cowboys got in a "planned fight" by my locker right after school and it was awesome. People were climbing on top of lockers to watch. In the crowd, all you could see were two cowboy hats slowly coming towards each other, then hair flying.* It's all anyone talked about all day, because everyone knew the rumble was planned. The two-hats-approaching-each-other-in-slow-motion phenomenon was incredible. Like any good 14-year-old cowboy worth his belt buckle, they had awfully tight pants on (the tightness of which led some of us to believe they put potatoes in their pants), and I remember that one of them had gum on his bum, shaped exactly to the cheek because of the jeans' tightness. Anyway, I share this beautiful memory because it turns out, PLANNED FIGHTS ARE STILL HAPPENING.Awesome or what? These cowboys were mad, but they sure as hell didn't STAB EACH OTHER. IN THE EYES. (insert shudder). But, if you're going to get in a planned fight, at least make sure you get a gross headline out of it. Way to go, guys.

*denotes falsehood


Mar said...

This really upstages the car accident I had planned to get into later this evening.

J said...

Musicovery is the coolest! Planned fights are the coolest! How do you get respect without stabbing people in the eyes?

Jen said...

I love reading your blog Kathleen! Oh, the good times at PGJHS. You crack me up!