Saturday, April 25, 2009

presenting a haphazard assortment of thoughts brought to you by Gurrbonzo, J.D.

*When I hear someone say "My bad!" I always pause for a moment and wonder if it's 1995.

*Sometimes, I pick up dinner from Paradise Bakery, but every time I order something to go, they hand me the bag to put it in, rather than just put the food in the bag themselves. This causes me to stand right in the way for a few minutes while I unfold said bag and put the stuff inside it, and each time I get rage. Why are you making me do this task that you could do much more easily, and for which you are paid?

*Similarly, I will go pretty far out of my way to hit up a Harmon's grocery store because they don't make me take the stuff out of my cart myself, and the ease and joy involved in not having that assignment be my problem is worth nigh unto any price, and it's kind of embarrassing how much I like it.

*Today I busted out some negotiation skills on a car dealer and it was empowering.

*One reason MCB and I are friends is because she sends me text messages like this one: "There are a bunch of wiccan goth types at Joann's. I love humanity."

*Today I bought our baby some adorable pink sandals. They were in a little bag so I didn't realize til after I got home that THE HEELS SQUEAK. That's right. Shoes for a one year old. Who just started walking. And they SQUEAK WITH EVERY STEP. Umm. Shoot me. Whose idea was that?

*The rumor is that in Mexico and Germany they call lawyers "doctor." Is that true? If so, can we start that up again here? But if I were a real doctor I'd be pissed bc I would have gone to a dozen more years of school than the fake lawyer doctors and I'd want them to know their role.

*I love it when someone I initially thought was boring and/or two-dimensional ends up being awesome. Those are my favorite surprises.

*Also, I graduated from law school this week. I don't know what to say about it except that honestly, there were times when I thought this day would never come, especially during the first year which, for me, was just as intense as everyone says it is. I had some serious "I've made a huge mistake" moments a la Gob Bluth before I found my groove. And now, suddenly it's all past tense. When I think about all the people I've met, and about my dear hub and my mom and a billion other family members who picked up so much of my school-induced slack and without whom this would never have happened, and when I think about the time going to law school first dawned on me as a painfully clueless 21-year-old pseudo-snicket, and when I remember applying to law school on a few p-days in the library in Shortsville, NY, and starting to hear back from law schools during the last few months of my mission and wondering what the freak the future held for me, and now I have a cute one-year-old and a J.D., I get a little disoriented and a little teary-eyed and a lot happy.
And then I think about the bar.

*I know they are different, but when I think about times in my life (mission, childbirth, law school, to name a few) where I have honestly felt like I could pick up the planet or a house or run across the country, just that for a split second I feel like I really can do anything, I want to do more hard things, because it is awesome. So for a split second I get why people become crazy triathletes and all of that. I mean, not enough to DO that, but I get it, and invite you to do something hard because in my admittedly minimal experience it's basically the best feeling in the world, and I can't think of anything more rewarding than realizing that hey, you know that thing you thought you couldn't do?
You just did.


b. said...

I still kinda like "My bad" that bad?

I'm going to Harmons next grocery trip.

I LOVE your last paragraph...congratulations!

danielle said...

so i read your blog but i don't know you - i feel like i should be embarrassed about this fact, but i think you're really funny and like reading your i'll get over it. i also graduated from byu law a few years ahead of you, so we've had a lot of the same experiences. i really liked this post - sometimes i forget about 'that feeling'- but its so true. doing hard stuff is what makes it rewarding. thanks for the reminder :)
and congrats on graduating! you'll be needing this principal to get you through the bar ;)

Liz'n'Steven said...

I agree with you on the whole idea of doing something hard because it feels good. But I must add, that it needs to be something worthwhile to you. I had a brief stint before deciding to take the LSAT where I thought I'd become a dental hygienist just because I am science-challenged and absolutely terrified of needles and blood. After a few break downs and a D- on my Chemistry final I got over it. But it's funny because that experience is what inspired me to do what other people told me was "too hard" but I always thought would be interesting - Law School. So you can't let other people tell you what's "too hard" I guess, and you have to go with your gut on what is worthwhile.

LindsayKeller said...

Congratulations! You are such an inspiration (no, honestly you are! Sometimes I when I'm sitting, working on a design, I think, Wow, Kathleen told me to go to grad school.) Good luck with the bar!

SO said...

Those shoes that squeak? Evil. Evil incarnate.

And I think you rock.

Off to ponder on your last paragraph.

Stephanie said...

if you are looking for black tulle or black transparentish fabric or black lace don't go to joanns. they are all out.

Kathy/mom said...

I loved your last paragraph. It was inspiring-I may not do a triatholon, but I know what you mean that for a split second, I can understand why people do marathons or whatever ultimate challenge. (My cousin is climbing Mt. McKinley next month.)
I want to hear the squeaky sandals.

Vanessa The Scientist said...

Ok, I'm coming out of "lurker" status to tell you have the greatest blog EVER! I would go so far to say that you win the prize for my all-time favorite blog and I just can't keep it concealed any longer.

Thank you for entertaining me with you clever humor and hilarious experiences.

Sue said...

Congratulations on law school - that's huge. Nothing feels better than pushing yourself beyond the point where you thought you could intellectually or professionally go. Good for you.

Holly C M said...

Great post. I got so mad in Paradise Bakery one day the twins had to hold me back. You might sue the squeaky shoe company. I, too, am pondering your last point. It was powerful. Inspired.

Anna said...

What the eff? Paradise makes you bag your own food? What?!?! At least they give you a free cookie.
AND congratulations on the completion of law school. You are pretty incredible.
So does this whole graduation thing mean you will blog more? I still blog stalk you regularly and would perfer it if you posted more.
Too much to ask? .... my bad. ;)

Nathaniel and Dorothy said...

I love you and your reference to AD.

Nathaniel and Dorothy said...

I love you and your reference to AD.

stillclueless said...

A Catholic theology professor once told us, "You are never more yourself than when you are inspired." And now I get it.

I understand the feeling about doing hard things but my hard things have been thrust upon me. You chose yours. It makes you the better woman.


snittymagee said...

Number 23, you rock my shoe squeaking world. I wanna sign up for a triatholon right now!

Anonymous said...

Squeak, you will... squeak, always know... squeak, squeak, wherever she... squeak, goes. She'll think you are "magic".

Congratulations on the degree.

Linds said...

Congrats Kath! I'm so happy for you.

Sara said...

So I read "*I love it when someone I initially thought was boring and/or two-dimensional ends up being awesome. Those are my favorite surprises." And am left thinking, shoot, I hope the didn't think I was boring and two-dimensional. :-/ I remember meeting you, post-mission, day one of law school orientation. I wanted to be your friend. I saw the coolness straight out.