Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Big changes are brewing in the bonzo household. May I present a few quotes regarding said changes?

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." --Lao Tzu

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."
--(I'm shy about attributing this quote accurately bc it's the Chicken Soup for the Soul guy. Seriously. Next thing you know I'm rocking the ropes course and doing the trust fall. Let's pretend it's Lincoln.)

"Whoa." -- Me and hub, repeatedly, over the last several days.

We're moving to Iowa. I KNOW! I know! You're thinking, Iowa, seriously? Who moves to Iowa? Apparently me and my fam. What do you think of the midwest? Is it as green and interesting and soothing as it seems? Anywhere that has a farmer's market on WEDNESDAY NIGHT instead of only on Saturday morning is a place I like. If you add in a gorgeous old campus and some hole in the wall restaurants, hey, sign me up.

Monday we left on an awesome road trip, not sure where we were going or when we'd be back, just knowing we'd be in Iowa for husband's job interview (for a position right up his master of public policy alley) on Wednesday. Welllllp, we got in Tuesday night, and while he interviewed, our cute kid and I explored the surprisingly awesome was pretty gross out so we hit a museum or two and the awesome new public library and awaited word. Turns out he rocked the hell out of his interview and they offered him the job that afternoon and in a surprising turn of events we found an awesome house and put an offer on it Thursday.

It's not as rash as it sounds, I promise. We'd been talking about buying a house hours.

Whatever. Sometimes you just need to grow a spine and spice up your life. And by you I mean me.

Friday we signed the bank stuff and hit the road to Canada right in time for a Saturday wedding reception and some quality time with the extended fam, and got home yesterday. 3,600 miles in eight days with an abrupt decision to borrow six figures and move halfway across the country to somewhere we spent 72 hours in once.

hell yeah.

Now we just need to move out of our current place, sell our old cars, blahblah. Who needs furniture when you can have a YARD? Oh yeah, and there's that whole bar exam thing. Whatever.

Let's get this show on the road. Want to visit?


ebv said...

Yes. Yes I do.

Congrats on the job and the move!!!

Sally Williams will be ecstatic. And she can probably indicate some great places to go, visit, and/or "rock the hell out of." :D

As for six figure loans--just imagine if you'd gone to a "real" law school with "real tuition."

Seriously, congratulations. Hope you guys have the time of your lives!

SO said...

Iowa? I hear that it looks a lot like least that what they say in the movie Field of Dreams.

Just promise me if you start hearing voices to build a baseball diamond I will be the first to know.

Good luck on the exam and the move. It sounds a really good one for you and your family.

snittymagee said...

Iowa? What the hell? What town? My dad is from Iowa. . .I know the drive well. I am so coming.

heidikins said...

Wow! That is big! Congrats on the job, the house, the move, and the awesome sauce spontenaity! (I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly...sigh.)


~j. said...

My husband and I broke down in Iowa once. Did you know that Your Fine State only has two Suzuki dealership? In the ENTIRE state! You're so lucky.

Rach said...

"Hey mister, is this heaven?...NO IT'S IOWA!!" hey gotta love Field of Dreams. and you are moving there!! HOLY CRAP kid. If I ever decided to road trip that way...ok boat/plane then road trip that way, I am coming to stay with you. THAT is totally awesome. New state, new job, new home, new adventure...boy I am jealous!!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations! That is so crazy but it's exciting too. You're still going to blog, right? I hope so.

Lisa R.D. said...

I'm so excited for you guys... it sounds like such a great adventure (the trip you just took and the huge move you are about to make). Can't wait to hear your musings on Iowa!

Sally said...

Kathleen! I just randomly clicked on your blog through Jordan's and find out you're moving to Iowa! What are the odds.
Eric was right, I'm excited for you! I'm in Iowa RIGHT NOW (Council Bluffs). It's pretty awesome, but I may be biased.
Congratulations on the job and the house and everything! Where exactly will you be living?
Welcome to the land of corn, soybeans and most importantly, ethanol.

Jen Ha said...

Dear Kathleen,
I know this is a last ditch effort to get you to stay but here goes:
1. Your fan base is in Utah;
2. There are farmer's markets here on Wednesdays at Thanksgiving point;
3. I've already printed our firm's letterhead.
Think about it.

Amy said...

Woot!! I am a midwesterner and was actually born like 1 mile from the Iowa border in Nebraska. Its a great place. I promise that there is no sarcasm when I tell you that the huge summer storms with tornado sirens blaring are some of my favorite childhood memories. I'll come visit!

Stephanie said...

whatever. :)

La Yen said...


megandjon said...

Crazy! It's amazing how fast things can change! You guys will rock that state. Iowa will never be the same again.

AzĂșcar said...

You guys are crazy. LIKE A FOX!

Ashley is Blogalicious! said...

Now I know. I don't know why I thought of calling you instead of reading your blog!!! :) Congratulations. Time for a lunch date before you take off?

Gil and Marin said...

Wow. Lets get things straight: I don't follow your blog. Or your facebook site. Somehow, today, while sifting through Chrysler documents, I ended up on both, for the first time. ever.

What a post. I decided that you must need some mad help right now so I am going to keep you in my prayers.

And might I add you have a hell of a blog? You are a wicked-awesome writer.

KT said...

Sounds lovely. I've never been to Iowa, and since it's a goal of mine to visit all 50 states by the time I'm 50, I'll probably show up at your door one day.

Also, does this mean you'll have to take the bar again in Iowa?

Terresa said...

That Chicken soup for the soul guy kills me. I actually quoted a story from one of those books in my YW lesson a few months ago. I had to gargle with fresh mint mouthwash afterwards, but, yeah, deep thoughts...and I'll pretend along w/you it's Lincoln.

PS: fyi, found you on Mormon Mommy blogs

PPS: Your quotes on your side bar are hilarious. Kinda like Dove "unconditional chocolate" ice'll keep me coming back for more. ;)

Motherboard said...

I love the Midwest. Iowa's boring, but the fireflies will rock your world!
(where in Iowa... I lived near the Quad Cities for years...)