Thursday, March 15, 2007

no kidding.

Why the hell do you call meetings "mandatory" when they're actually turd-atory?

Today, my class-less Thursday (note: this means no classes held, not disheveled, undignified, or a society in which no socioeconomic distinctions exist) was foiled by a surprise mandatory meeting. Okay, not a total SURPRISE meeting, since they notified me of it in August (yes, in August, about a meeting in March. Effective.) But still. AND one of my professors scheduled a makeup class, AND we had some negotiations competition stuff, so essentially I spent 10 AM - 7 PM at the law school on a day that had, until recently, held the promise of being LSF (law-school free). sigh. Anyway, in this meeting, I learned that each week of the summer I will be emailing a professor a little something called a "reflective thinking exercise." I know that right now you're thinking, hey, isn't that the contest in elementary school where you can write a story about giraffes and/or a song on your recorder about sharing and win a trophy? No, not THOSE kinds of reflections, but yes, just as age-eleven appropriate.

Also, today my friend Rachel called my class on ancient law, "the Jew class."


Justin & Kamie said...

Rachel sounds hilarious. I give her a gold star. Not the Star of David kind, but a gold star like you get in first grade on your spelling test when you get 100%.

J said...

I hate reflections, and BYU.