Wednesday, March 28, 2007

a serious, imposing profession

A little something I just discovered:

In an effort to do my part to recruit future law students of America, here is a sampling of the items available to those (like me, ahem) who accumulate a sufficient number of points online thanks to a certain national legal research provider:

The complete first season of MTV's Pimp My Ride....Rap superstar and car enthusiast Xzibit and car customization specialist Mad Mike take aim on clunkers on the road.
The complete third season of Golden Girls (only for pals and confidantes).
Note: For a mere 1800 points you can also get the 2nd season of Degrassi Junior High, and 3000 will get you a remote controlled fan. HOW CAN YOU RESIST THE TEMPTING WORLD OF LAW?


Megan said...

You are my new hero!

Tarra said...

Lately we've been watching the Golden Girls while we're in bed before we fall asleep. We're fully comfortable with the fact tha our ideal apartment would be in an active senior community--we already live like them. Now keep that rap music noise down!

gurrbonzo said...

Tarra, I'd like to quote a sign I saw recently (yes, spelled like this):

If its to loud, your to old.