Monday, March 19, 2007

Way out in the country past the city limits sign...

What I am about to say will make everyone reading this jealous, so go ahead and brace yourself.


If you're wondering if Andrew and I chaperoned a tri-stake dance this weekend, the answer is yes. A little wholesome "shake it, don't break it, took your mama nine months to make it" fiesta with the teachers and mia maids is everything it sounds like, and more.

Three things to mention:
1. Direct quote from DJ: "This dance, first choice goes to...everyone with Irish ancestry!"
2. Butcher paper shamrocks AND pass-a-long cards were pinned to the wall.
3. The Macarena and boot scootin boogie transcend generational boundaries.


Mr. Holland said...
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Mr. Holland said...

Well Gurr, looks like you've chaperoned more stake stances than I've ever been to... not to mention TRI0-stake dances.

My applause.