Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things I love

Inspired by Ziz and Mitchell, a list:

Things I love
1. Andrew
2. cracking up with the fam
3. reading the paper
4. the grass smelling stuff we got as a gift to add to the laundry
5. sleeping in, or at least knowing I can wake up when I want, or at least not setting the damn alarm
6. reading a good novel in the sun
7. watching bad TV with someone who gets why it's funny (like IDENTITY!)
8. handwritten mail with my name on it
9. reading about Alma and Amulek and the Anti-Nephi Lehis
10. a round of ping pong where we just laugh and visit and don't keep score. Usually but not necessarily involved: Forever in Blue Jeans.
11. having people over
12. roadtrips without a schedule
13. a nice big fountain drink mixed however I want
14. receiving a text message when one of my buddies sees a ridiculous customized license plate (recent examples include, "SOINLUV" "LTHRBOY" "SHNIAFAN" and "BIGONJC")
15. playing catch with those wiffle ball things at the park
16. SPRING. Even if it just reminds me that other people get to go outside.
17. new shampoo
18. lunch dates, especially when they last an hour longer than we'd planned
19. a champion surprise (snow days, class cancelled, deciding to take a last-minute trip, finding $5 in an old coat pocket)
20. a good storm (as long as I'm by a window in a blanket)
21. making up clubs
22. old friends
23. new friends
24. babe-ing up for a hot date
25. ugly dancing dance parties
26. not being called on. But, IF called on, being prepared AND making sense when I get grilled for 20 minutes.
27. anything mischieveous (mongoosing, double-lining, non-mean practical jokes)
28. labeling voicemails to friends "urgent and confidential"
29. doing the windmill with anyone but especially Andrew since he is a great size for it (note: the windmill involves walking next to someone and then flipping their arm up so it is suddenly around you. Try it today!)
30. doing the turtle with anyone but especially Andrew (this is particularly effective after a prayer, when you are kneeling next to each other, and just roll over so your back is squishing the other person's back, and then you yell "I'm a turtle! I'm a turtle!" and wave your arms and legs. Try it today!)
31. when I do something awkward that I think is hilarious but that makes everyone else uncomfortable (i.e., every effing day at the law school)
32. studying hard for a test and then (gasp!) actually knowing (some of) the answers
33. teaching someone something and watching it click for them
34. freshly clipped nails
35. Raisinettes


supalinds said...

...lunch dates, the turtle and mongoosing :) that is the Gurr I love! Maybe I should add...I love Gurrtastic to my list!

supalinds said...
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