Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crazy Love!

Let's say you broke up with a guy and he starts stalking you, showing up everywhere you were, calling you and saying things like "If I can't have you, no one will." Let's say he freaks you out enough that you go to the cops a million times but they don't care. You finally get engaged to another chap, when someone appears at your door with a present for you. You open the door, and a guy your stalkriffic ex hired to throw lye in your face blinds and disfigures you. Stalkriffic goes to jail, you can't see, and when he gets out of jail, YOU MARRY HIM. And years later, he pulls the same stalkriffic stunts with some girl he's cheating on you with, and you TESTIFY ON HIS BEHALF IN COURT, and let's say now he's in his 80s and you're in your 70s and you're still married. Now make a movie about it.

Seriously folks, I'm talking about a case we studied in law school last year and the story behind the documentary we saw last night called "Crazy Love." Piece of advice: if someone tries to kill you, DO NOT MARRY HIM. And if he then cheats, stalks, threatens constantly, DO NOT STAY MARRIED. Just wanted to warn any of you in case you end up in this lady's situation.

Instead, I recommend you marry a nice normal who doesn't hurt you, and likes to eat out.


jase said...

dang i wish I would have read this first....dang!!


supalinds said...

SHOOT...I've been doing it wrong this whole time :)

gurrbonzo said...

You're welcome for the guidance.