Friday, June 22, 2007

Three Cheers for Public Transportation

This afternoon on the bus:

Sweaty Random, oblivious to the fact that I am reading AND have headphones in: How long have you been married?
Me: Pardon?
SR: How long have you been married?
Me: Six months.
(huge awkward pause where he just smiles and nods at me)...
Me: How long have YOU been married?
SR: Five years. Best five years of my life.
Me: Cool. (big pause where he stares and nods some more) Any kids?
SR: Yeah, four boys and three girls. The oldest one is 19 and plays football at the U and the youngest one will be born in July. They all have A names (he lists the names and says "Alicia" twice).
Me: Wow! 7 kids in 5 years!
SR: Well, they're my step-kids, because they're my wife's kids. I served my mission in Brazil, and we went there on our honeymoon. because my wife's dad is a pilot so we can fly places for free. Next month we're going to Hawaii for our 5 year anniversary.
Me: Hawaii! Awesome. What about the baby?
SR: The baby's coming, too. We're leaving July 13 and the baby is coming July 15. Her uncle is a doctor, so he'll just take care of that while we're there. But our Brazil trip was way fun, and my mission was awesome.
Me: Cool. When were you there?
SR: 1998-2001. I served a 3 year mission because of extensions and transfers and stuff.
Me: So, your wife must be a lot older than you.
SR: No, she's actually younger than me. I'm 28 and she's 26.
Me: (confused pause as I do the math between her 19 year old kid and her age)
SR: She's way taller than me too. I'm only 5'8".
Me: Really? How tall is she?
SR: 6'9".
Me: Whoa! So she can carry you around and stuff?
SR: Yeah, she gives me piggy backs a lot. Her brother's 8 feet tall, playing professional basketball in the Ukraine right now. Our son, who plays football, he's 6'9" too.
Me: Wow. That's huge. He must weigh a lot.
SR: Yeah, he's 175 lbs. He's friends with the coach, so we get really good seats, and the coach said I can sit on the sidelines and even come into the locker room whenever I want. Our son is studying speech pathology. I do construction work, but I'd like to get into something like that.
Me: Cool. What does your wife do?
SR: She actually has a law degree under her belt, so she is looking for stuff like lawyer work right now.
Me: Really? Wow. Where'd she go to law school?
SR: Back east. Harvard. She does criminal law.

Conversation overheard next to us: "Colorado Springs? No way! My high school sweetheart's step-dad's brother was sheriff in the neighboring county!"


J said...

I LOVE BUS CRAZIES. Thank you for saying your wife is six nine and gives you piggy backs, man.

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Megs said...

brilliant! keeps the spice in your life.

Natalie said...

your blog is so funny my friend Marianne added you to her "blogs i read" link list. She titled you "i don't know this girl".

I am dying! that is the best story ever!