Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Speed is my drug of choice

Speed Scrabble, that is! As you may know, if it's a word-related game, the husband and I love it (Maybe bc I wanted to be a librarian when I was five). The moment I realized he could rock me at Boggle was the moment I knew I must never, ever let this man go. Literally. BUT SERIOUSLY READERS, SPEED SCRABBLE IS CHANGING MY LIFE!

Thanks to Charlott and Steve (our two most happily hitched friends), this week has been a whirlwind of Speed Scrabble, culminating in this evening's 5-games-in-a-row sweepstakes. All the tiles go face down, each person grabs 7 of them, then you just make your own little batch of words, all attaching. When you use all 7 of your tiles, you yell "go!" and everyone grabs another one...keep going til all the tiles are gone and the first person uses all of theirs! I LOVE YOU, SPEED SCRABBLE. Of course, as usual, husband won, but I fought a good fight til the bitter end, and we were proud of ourselves for the following:


if that's not a beautiful poem, I don't know what is.


supalinds said...

I love that game...except where I come from, we call it PICK. Because instead of yelling "go", we yell "pick". Hence the name pick. But we play by adding up the tiles at the end of each round (and play until 500). This game taught me the word 'qat'. It's one of the only 'q' words you can muster up without a 'u' involved. In case you are wondering, a qat, is an african afrodisiac plant. LOVE IT. In fact, I don't even know where my Scrabble board is anymore...you only need the tiles. Let's have a spreed scrabble date night :)

gurrbonzo said...

HAHAHA. we add up the tiles too, and I have almost convinced Andrew to let me play to 1,000. Date night! Date night!

Chris and Katie said...

i can tell you've been blog stalking this evening as "gurrbonzo" has left a comment on my boggle post. I had anticipated your empathy with me!!!

Way to go on your addiction to "drug of choice", aka Speed Scrabble. Since you're on drugs, lets call it, S^2. How's that? I'd love to challenge you and husband to this delightful game although i already know what place i'll be in. Buh! winning sminning. let's coordinate a time. laters.