Monday, June 04, 2007

best spam in a while

Got this champion spam and have been laughing about it for 30 minutes:

Good Day,

(Investment Opportunity).

I am Mr. Edward Mohammed Shein, I have the sum of 300,000,000.00 Euros {Three Hundred Million Euros} I want to come and Invest in your country and even in your company possibly or any other business you may be of assistance and advise accordingly.Please kindly reply me immediately if you are interested in this business relationship & keep it confidential for safety & protections.

As sign of seriousness about this very urgent matter please do confirm the following details to me:

{1} Your full name & office or Home address. ?

{2} Your Company name/ Your position in the company. ?

{3} Your Telephone Nos. both Home, Office and Mobile.?

{4} Country/State Origin.?

{5} Your age. ?

{6}. Married or Unmarried ?

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Edward

This is the funniest spam ever, and not just because of awesome trying-to-sound-authentically-foreign portions for "safety and protections" (keep WHAT confidential? the fact that i am about to earn 300 million euros because a man with an awesomely stereotypical rich foreigner name wants to Invest in my company, so I sent him all my personal info including MARRIED OR UNMARRIED? Sooooo credible, so impressive...). "Please reply me" is good, but most importantly, "both Home, office and mobile?"
Both is used with "and" to indicate that each of two things in a coordinated phrase or clause is included.



Tarra said...

Watch this now:

I promise, it's relevant

gurrbonzo said...

BWAHAHAH! "Spamologue." that link is my new friend.