Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Spam Part III

Just got this glorious spam at my law school email address (which makes it even funnier) and it killed me:
NickName: superhelen
Age: 24
Country: Svalbard
City: urkrine
Marital status: Never Married
Children: Have 5 children (living with me)
Height: 135 cm (4'5")
Body type: Average
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Education: High School graduate
Looking for an age range: 20-63
I am Used to be Called by my Lovely Ones who do care and Love me with all their hearts as been a Lovely and Great Friend to them..Am a Graduate and Living with my Lovely Grandma and wishing to Love and be with my Lovely One someday when we agree to be with each Other since To Life is to Love..Yes..Impossibilities becomes possible when Love Exist..Hope To Hear from my Soul mate..Someone wishing to Love and Care for me with all his Heart...Love You I'm looking for.. If you are sociable, hot, loving man with a great sense of humor, then lets become friends, and may be more! I also hope you enjoy listening to good music and like dancing. If you are not very good at dancing, that is not a problem, I will be very glad to teach you, and I hope you also teach me something. I want a man, who is seriously tuned to have a happy and strong family, as this is the biggest my wish. You are someone who knows how precious life is and dont want to just let it slip by. I hope you like romance and appreciate loving relationships and real friendship, as only with real friendship real love starts to my mind.
A few questions for superhelen: How do you know that I am someone who knows how precious life is? Do you have any idea that you used "love" or "loving" or "lovely" more than 10 times? Get this woman to, quick! And more importantly, why is your age range 20-63, superhelen?? What makes a 64 year old unacceptable and a 63 year old irresistable? But MOST importantly, why did you stop the random capitalization halfway through? Consistency is key. Now I just don't know if I want to meet you anymore.


Anonymous said...

Dang girl, 5 kids at 24, she's a busy one alright.

Nikki said...

My thoughts exactly D.

And Kathleen, HAHAHAHAHAA!! That's hilarious.