Friday, November 16, 2007

Overheard on the bus

In the olden days, my friends and I would giggle when we overheard science-nerd conversations, like "Can you believe he didn't even know how to take the square root of the average of the squared mean and the data points! (snort snort) It's like he doesn't even know what standard deviation means!"

Today I had the privilege of overhearing some nerdtastic conversation on the bus, but philosophy instead of math or science. PRICELESS. Some tidbits (note: these are ACTUAL QUOTES I jotted down in the margins of my First Amendment book while I was pretending to read):

Geek A: So you're doing this for fun?
Geek B: No, I'm doing it for serious. I really like to transcend the boundaries of institutions.

Geek A, about wikipedia: "It's clear that academia treats it disdainfully because it threatens their power."

Geek A: Know one of my favorite jokes? What's the difference between a PhD in philosophy and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four."
Geek B: And yet, a PhD is an absolute must for me at this point.
Geek A: Because you're in this deep?
Geek B: No, because of my life goals and desires.

Geek A: Wait, are you challenging the inherent value of learning?
Geek B: Certainly not. I'm maintaining that informational access does not equate with analytical ability.

"Computers isolate students, and learning takes place socially, so computer are worthless. In fact, LESS than worthless, because they divert resources."

"That is a hasty generalization, but I'll allow it. I grant you the ideological exception, but certainly not the epistemological rule."
And my personal favorite:
"That is a nefarious use of information. My thesis is going to be theoretical, and very descriptive" (umm, like that sentence?)


Anonymous said...

I will allow you to continue to bring me such reports on local ideological humor and grant you lots of giggles. Blah theoretical blah, that is superb people watching/listening.

zacharoo said...

I. WANT. YOUR. LIFE. Please walk around with a camcorder. Pretty please.

piglet26 said...


Popular Girl: Are these guys like for real? PUhleaseeeee! I don't even get what they are saying? Somebody should seriously sick Mr. Poos bitch wolf on them...

Popular Girl #2: Uh Yah (with attitude) I totally like agree. Is Mr. Poos even a real name? hahahaha....snort...snort...hahaha

lights fade.

supalinds said...

HA HA HA HA. That is so awesome, on so many levels.

Public transportation is truly enriching your life :)