Thursday, December 20, 2007


This morning, I finished my last final of the semester. Know what this means?

As discussed in an earlier post, halfway means that if you round up, I'm basically finished. Though rounding could be dangerous, bc if we rounded yesterday, I wouldn't have been accepted yet. Anyway, halfway also means I have earned the "J" portion of my "J.D." So if I stopped now, could I still just put the J after my name? Relax, relax, I'm not quitting (though I might be more popular in some circles if I quit, considering I've been told that finishing school with a baby is "putting my career ahead of my family"). After all, IT'S HALFTIME.

Inspired by Smith's post, let me just thank a few people/things that have gotten me this far:

1. Husband. Even though you weren't called "husband" when I started, you have been called "husband" for 2/3 of my 1/2 of law school. Now before this turns into a fifth grade story problem, let's just cut to the chase and say that when I finish, we will have spent 83 percent of my law school time married, which is a lot of law school to be married through, so GOOD JOB, HONEY. You put up with me talking about false imprisonment in The Office and federal rules of evidence during Law & Order (they never authenticate anything on that show), you patiently put up with my obnoxious jargon, and always remind me to eff the hype, and drive me 45 miles on a Saturday morning when my car poops out, and you don't hold a grudge when I neglect you during intense times, and you rub away tension in my back, and proofread boring, repetitive papers and sit through snooty dinners and give me pep talks. All while you have your own graduate program to worry about! Oh, bless you.

2. Rest of family. You let me give you coupons for free legal advice one day instead of gifts, and show up to watch boring competitions that don't really make sense, and you communicate with me electronically when I'm trapped in the law library all day and unable to talk out loud. Good job.

3. Government. Thank you for letting me stay here legally and for lending me money and for watching over me in a big brother way. Okay, not the last one. But thanks for the funds and the legal status and everything.

4. Diet cola. You haven't helped me much this year, because I am trying to help da baby grow big and strong (but not too big, bc she still has to come out) without things like caffeine and fake sugar, but you helped me LAST year, and if I hadn't survived last year, I wouldn't be blogging this blog, so seriously, great work.

5. Itunes shared libraries...nothing helps a girl study like finding out her classmate has every Ace of Base song known to man available. And Disney's greatest hits. And Tupac everything.

6. Lunch dates. Without you, I'd be under my desk rocking back and forth in the fetal position.

7. YOU! My dear readers, who don't mind my boring law stories, and give me an audience for venting and laughing, and who understand when I occasionally start humming the "I have a bad case of diarrhea" song.

recent addition: 8. Da baby. You always sit so reverently in class, and you haven't made me barf even once, and have been such a good fetus all around. I reward you with continued nourishment.

So, hurray for halftime! Where's the band? How about a skanky dance routine? A wardrobe malfunction? How about at least a little half-time shimmy? And from my experience, the last half of everything always goes faster. Your gas tank, for example. Either way, hurray. It's winter break.


andrewsmiracledrug said...


And thank you!

Charlott said...

You are such a rockstar! And, if we were comparing a half time to a intermission, you would be halfway done with your rock concert. PLUS, in an intermission people are still waiting for you to come back to rock the house. Make sense? WAY TO GO TEAM!

p.s. how can one like me communicate electronically with one like you?

TGUSHM said...

Um, you forgot 8-10. What kind of a list is 1-7? I know it was a rough semester, but let's not get blog lazy.

Merry Christmas.

supalinds said...

Way to go Gurrtastic.

I am shimmying for you right this minute.

You are my hero, and lunch dates are like the wind beneath my wings :)

adam brown said...
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