Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So, I learned a few things this Christmas. First of all, I like being married for the's pretty great. I also like it when I get my 6'4" husband Superman pj's that he wears with pride, and I also like the oldschool Ms. Pac-man that you can plug right into the TV and enjoy hours of fun. And I also like the napping, and the treats, and the family, and the time to wish Jesus a happy birthday. I also learned (or, was reminded) that many other religions love Jesus, too, and it's nice to all get together every once in a while. The highlight of this year was definitely hitting up midnight mass downtown at husband's genius suggestion.

Relax, relax, we're not converting to Catholicism. But neither one of us had been before, and this time next year we'll have a kid which makes it unlikely we'll have the opportunity to go again. So yes, believe it or not, I managed to stay up til 2:30 (a record for me, probably since we got hitched but DEFINITELY since the baby started to grow in me belly, as I am usually down for the count by 10 PM), and readers: IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. Over a thousand people were there, and all kinds of people, too: suits and green mohawks, jeans and fur coats, a really heartwarming mix, and the cathedral is breathtaking, and there was a lot I didn't really get, but I'll tell you what I did get: when they turned the lights down and we all knelt on those kneeling pads and sang "Silent Night." Incredible. I will now include a couple of verses of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" that we sang for the processional hymn. I had never heard these before, but I loved them, and I hope you love them too, and singing them with 1000 other people at midnight in a strange and beautiful cathedral is something I can't recommend highly enough. Merry Christmas.

See, how the shepherds summoned to his cradle
Leaving their flocks, draw nigh to gaze.
We there will also turn our joyful footsteps.

Child, for us sinners, poor and in the manger
We would embrace thee with love and awe
Who would not love thee, loving us so dearly?


J said...

I haven't seen those verses before but I like them too. That sounds great.

supalinds said...

Midnight Mass is a tradition in my fam. I am really glad you enjoyed it. There isn't a better church to go to than the Catherdral, nice choice. It is a magical experience. Just be glad hey had padding where you kneeled...lots of churches don't...bad news!!

And props on staying up that hard!!

TGUSHM said...

Glad you had a great Christmas. Have an even happier New Year. Good luck with everything.

gurrbonzo said...

who are you, tgushm!? i need a hint.

C+K said...

Way to spread your wings, Kleen by attending the midnight mass. That really does sound fun!

BTW, happy 1 year today!!!! We were going to toilet paper your sea foam home as a tribute, but slept in. Have a fabulous day anyways!!!!!!!!