Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why law school eats my self esteem for dinner

So, I'm taking evidence practice exams. Those make me unhappy in general, but especially when I get a lot wrong. The fun part is reading WHY I got them wrong in the explanation portion, so they can help me learn for next time, so I can be a good person and lawyer and citizen. In a problem I just did (which I'd list here, but it would put you to sleep and/or give you a nasty rash), I chose option D with much confidence. I turn the page and what do I read?

"(D) makes absolutely no sense."

This is a bad sign.


erin g said...

i've tried so hard to think of a response, but all i can really do is nod my head knowingly.

and also warn you that it doesn't end once you graduate. i'll spend full days working on an argument that, in the end, i realize is completely wrong because there's some random exception to it or whatever. perhaps that's why this man is so angry at lawyers, though it doesn't explain his antipathy towards priests (this is a comment on a recent blog, and i love it):

"Is there anything more pathetic than a bunch of lawyers complaining about high cost of living or tuition. Here's a bunch of clowns whose sole purpose in live is to explain the intricacies of the LAW which their compadres designed. They are "wordsmiths", they deal in words alone. Words which are intentionally confusing, so that they can be ever ready to tell you what the words mean. If this isn't the sweetest circular racket in the world I don't know what is. The only other so-called profession that can even come close is the priest, who also wears robes, and employs the same mumbo jumbo of a dead language (latin) to protect his guild from the layman.
There is no earthly reason why law cannot be written in plain language so that anyone with basic comprehension can figure out what the law says without the aid of the con artist in the middle, who charges an arm and a leg to explain it to us. Why should anyone be able to design a language only a few can understand and then foist that onto the general public?
The is perhaps the biggest con job ever pulled on the world and remember that from the best of these con artists, we select our judges.
When the last lawyer is strangled by the entrails of the last priest we'll have some tranquility in societies. No one NEEDS a lawyer but like the priest, they have intruded into every aspect of life, from birth to death. The most endearing thing you can say about a lawyer, is that they usually have clean fingernails and no callouses,,, and small wonder.
Aspiring lawyers should be made to read Fred Rodell's book "Woe unto you Lawyers" so that they might choose a more productive field of work."

Jay and Jessica's Ashram said...

If it were up to me, I'd choose that answer for every exam question.

Nikki said...

wow. that hurts.

zacharoo said...

Kathleen, don't be stupid. Will you please write a short story about some of the excuses you used in college? Like the time your grandma died or your car got locked in the garage.

zacharoo said...

Actually, I really really want you to write about "Se horrible". It is my favorite Kathy Fran story of all time.

gurrbonzo said...

Please note, "c'est horrible" is NOT a funny story. It is a traumatic story. Further, I can't list the excuses I used until you start claiming ones YOU used, such as "I put my portfolio on top of my car and then drove away."

supalinds said...

Sick :) you should do what I do, and that is - stay as far away from school as possible.