Wednesday, June 03, 2009

freudian or weirdian?


While reviewing some criminal procedure notes as part of today's less-than-diligent bar review studies, I just realized that I had typed

"the defendant's right to childbirth."

instead of

"the defendant's right to trial by jury."

Whooops. Easy mistake right...childbirth, trial by jury. Childbirth, trial by jury. Understandable mix-up?

And what does that even mean?? Pregnant women are screaming, "I HAVE A RIGHT TO BIRTH THIS BABY! YOU CAN'T STOP ME! THE CONSTITUTION SAYS IT HAS TO COME OUT EVENTUALLY!"


Mrs. Clark said...

Not Freudian or Weirdian, just Momian.

La Yen said...

Will you represent my cervix in court?

Motherboard said...

In school, did you ever read the case about the boy with the hairy palm? My favorite!

Brooke said... you are my new hero. I don't know if you posted your blog address in my comments or if one of your readers did but I AM SO GLAD YOU/THEY DID!! Keep up the hilarity and know that you have given a soon-to-be BYU law school student a ray of hope. But I'm still terrified.

Amanda Jane said...

Congrats on graduating (I saw Hannah the other day who confirmed this.) My friend Whitney and I are convinced you are one of the funniest people around.