Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the latest

Isn't packing a pain!? Stuff multiplies exponentially in closets and it freaks me out. Good news: we did it! We got out of our place (thanks to my husband's dedication, his absurd physical exertion and the spacial sense of loved ones, oh and a little company called PODS) and are now relaxing. Well, not exactly. These days, I study for the bar while husband and cute baby play in the sun as we wait a couple weeks for the midwest expedition to begin. Some good things about moving:
  • you get rid of a bunch of junk.
  • you get to feel suicidal panic and triumphant relief on the same day.
  • You feel like you make a fortune when you find all these clothes you forgot you had. Guess what else we found? $18.47 in change (thank you Coinstar), $20 in an old purse, $100 in mystery giftcards lying around (presumably from our wedding?)! So basically bc we moved out, we got $138.47! Does anyone know how many snow cones that is?! Or, more responsibly, how much of a future student loan payment that makes? ((celebratory shimmy))
In other news, studying for the bar is fun for the topics I had interesting and dynamic teachers for and enjoyed, but maddening for topics I either didn't take or may as well not have taken. Whoooooops.

Welp, in OTHER other news, I just want everyone to know that if you have a pet, that is great, but it is not your child, and when you buy a pet, it's not okay to announce "We're PARENTS!" and then complain to actual parents of young children about how hard it is to get up during the night. Unless you're nursing your new puppy, then maybe. But speaking of kids, if you're wondering if our daughter gets cuter and funnier every day, the answer is yes. In fact, right now she's swinging a baby doll around her head by its neck and cackling, and if that's not a sign of an awesome toddler I don't know what is.

Also, sometimes I eat at Del Taco and I LIKE IT. Can we still be friends?


AzĂșcar said...

Pets are not the same. Not even a little. They don't count unless they grow up to mow the lawn and fetch you a lemonade.


SO said...

Whoever came up with PODS is a freaking genius. Good luck with the bar and the move.

And I wholeheartedly (who knew that was one word! Not me!) agree on the pets not being a child.

And your toddler sounds like one of those stellar awesome toddlers that other parents are jealous of.

Terresa said...

Mmm, pets. When one of my four young children asked about getting a gerbil the other day I didn't hesitate to say, "Yes, if it's invisible." Luckily, she was thrilled. (shimmy shimmy)

Lisa R.D. said...

Your commentary on life makes me smile and/or laugh out loud.

Emily said...

1. To our dog, we refer to ourselves as mom and dad. I know it's a little weird. But thinking that the dog is like a child is crazy. Admittedly, I think pets can prepare you slightly for parenthood (having responsibility, can't just take off for the weekend or day without thinking of the pet, etc.), but it's still a world apart from having an actual human baby.

2. We can still be friends IF you are okay with me sometimes eating at McDonald's. (SHHH!!) I have to give myself pep talks about how it doesn't make me a disgusting person, and if I enjoy it I should just accept that fact and move on. It's the soft serve cones! Kills me!