Wednesday, June 17, 2009

things on my mind and therefore my blog:

Hi everyone! Still aliving, still thriving, still word-vomiting on the internet from time to time. Ready?
  • Today's bar studies brought me this unfortunate phrase: "...which are taxes in the state where the sale was consummated." CONSUMMATED? Ew! When I told hub he said it sounded "fiduciarily erotic."
  • Sometimes I forget about odd little things, and when I see them, there is a brief flash of recognition. One example: when I see a bumper sticker for Peter Corroon, like I did when parking at the library today, I think "Oh yeah! Peter Corroon! I forgot about him." Same with Blanche from Golden Girls. Kind of.
  • Sometimes I get a lot of feminist rage when people act like I have mush for brains bc I'm a female and a parent. Grumble grumble.
  • I like it when people share real stories about real problems, particularly in church settings. A few weeks ago we had one of those 5th-week-Sunday joint men/women meetings at church and guess what it was about? Not food storage, not gossip, not dutch oven cooking. Drug addiction. Several recovering addicts shared their stories and they passed out a sheet with meeting info (location, time, place) of various addiction meetings around the area. It was one of the more intense church meetings I've attended, but really refreshing to see concrete gospel-in-action stuff. Not "I had to learn to...(sniffle)...forgive the meanie teacher who said something bad about my perfect 10-year-old at parent-teacher conference! SAD!" but legit, full-fledged, raw and honest "I hit rock bottom in more ways than you can imagine and today I'm putting the pieces together with God's help and here's where you can show up if you have the same problem." To the whole congregation. I like it.
  • I prefer living in the same state as my husband. While we're only apart for a week or two, it is not my favorite thing and I salute those that survive it.
  • I also prefer spending time with my kid over studying. She is way more hilarious and interesting than trying to figure out what rights vest when and if it matters that one party's not a merchant and who has the burden of proof when and (did your eyes glaze over? MINE TOO!). Anyway, our cute one-year-old does a lot of awesome things. For example, she dresses up like an old lady lately. Yesterday she started walking around with assorted necklaces on, a bright orange visor, my mom's keys on one of those long teacher key chains (what are they called?), holding a neon yellow container in one hand and a Reader's Digest in the other. She looked like she was heading to the RV to play a bit of bridge and/or canasta. I love that kid.
  • You know those long key chains? What are they called? Lanyards? Anyway, you're allowed to have them, you really are, especially if you're a school teacher or a referree or something. But can you think of ANYTHING more annoying than people spinning them around and around mindlessly in public places!? Ack!
  • What preposition do you use after forbidden? Are you forbidden TO do something? Are you forbidden FROM doing something? Not sure. Turns out 20 years of school still leaves you wondering about (or should i say wondering through) these pressing matters.
Welllp, that's about it. What's on YOUR mind?


AlliSMiles said...

Forbidden "from." Think of it like "prohibited." It wouldn't make sense to say "you are prohibited to go there."

I love your random thoughts. Sometimes I think I'd like to spend a day in your head.

gurrbonzo said...

Alli: About my head: ha! I don't know about that! It gets a little crazy in here sometimes.

And about forbidden, are you sure? My BARBRI book today said "The states are forbidden to facilitate, encourage or authorize discrimination" and that's what made me pause. I mean, I'VE never said "forbidden to" but should I really doubt BARBRI? And if they are using that wrong, should I really be using their materials to study for the biggest exam of my life?


Mar said...

Three points here:
1. Blanche. HA! I came home the other day and our babysitter was watching "Golden Girls" and I thought, "Blanche has a really low voice. Is she dead yet?" Totally funny you thought of her too.

2. The "I-was-addicted-to-something-worse-than-Diet-Coke-lessons" are so mind blowing. We had one once and it was all about porn addiction and sex offenders who had been in prison. And they were there in the flesh with their wives who stood by them. Wild.

3. Forbidden. I wonder now too. I will check my AP Styleguide when my kid wakes from her slumber.

SO said...

What's on my mind? I'm wondering why that one stupid vertebrae in my back won't pop into place no matter what I do. Will I ever get my kitchen finished completely? How smart are you really? Much smarter than me. Good luck studying!

Jared and Laurel said...

Hmm, your thoughts are making me think:
Lanyards are what MY kiddo likes to wear like YOURS wears old lady necklaces. They can be friends, especially now that you're moving closer (right?).
In my little mush-for-brains mind, "forbidden" can only be said like the holy father on Nacho Libre: "It is forBIDden!" (with an accent) I know no other way now.
I know I had another thought, but it's lost in "holy wow! I'm moving really stinking soon!" You know the feeling.

AzĂșcar said...

This one time I ate cat food.

Sara said...

So leave it to me to focus on "consummate" and say that the three things I've learned from BarBri are
(1) I have an absolute, fundamental right to have sex.
(2) Trying to revive and accept a dead offer is necrophilia.
(3) Trying to have a contract without two parties is masturbation - which is bad on the Bar.

Thank you BarBri. My nearly four thousand dollars was totally worth it.

Brooke said...

How can you forget about Blanche from the Golden Girls??!!

Here are some thoughts in my head at the moment:

1)Why on earth isn't there a universal phone charger yet? I tried a store with six different kinds and not one of them work so my phone is still dead.

2) I really like chocolate chip cookies.

3) The Associated Press Stylebook doesn't even acknowledge forbidden. According to the entry you should use "forbid, forbade or forbidding." And I had a really hard time getting through all these comments because I kept reading BARBRI as BARBIE.

Jen Ha said...

Hey Gurr! Glad to see that someone else has been thrown off by the bar prep material. Here is a question from Pass Your Bar that shook me to the core:

"Defendant was charged with rape after performing cunnilingus. Will he be found guilty in a common law jurisdiction?"

I had no idea what that meant until I checked my trusty dictionary. Oh the horror!! Who the heck is writing these questions!?!

MandoRama said...

Unfortunately, you won't be able to vote for good ol' Peter if you're in Iowa.

Liz said...

Eavesdropping on my coworkers conversation with her new husband and apparently she is disappointed in her wedding pictures, which I was actually glad to hear, and now I'm thinking I am a horrible person!