Thursday, July 02, 2009

we made it!

I can't find anything.

Not the towels, not the can opener, not the freaking grocery store. But who needs to find stuff when you have a yard and a new state to call home? I'm a moron about directions generally, but when there are only gorgeous rolling hills but no mountains, I have no idea which direction I'm facing or really, where I live. So that's unfortunate. But I have a map and a phone and with those two things I cannot fail.

Unless I get turned around on the map and have a close call or two on a so-called one way street. In which case it's less of a "failure" and more of an "opportunity to learn from experience."

Part of how I know I really learned something in law school, or at least in my latest bar-study efforts, is when I have ridiculously nerdy responses to things, e.g., the parts of the Michael Jackson saga I'm most interested are about the details about his will and whether it's valid and why. Similarly, if you happen to, say, buy your first home right after reviewing for both the contracts and property law portions of the bar exam, you may enrage everyone else in the room when you insist on reading everything. But come on! Do I look like a dummy? If I sign something that says "ONLY TODAY'S WRITTEN AGREEMENT IS ENFORCEABLE AND NO ORAL PROMISES OR EXPLANATIONS HAVE ANY VALIDITY," am I really expected to listen to these guys 'explain' things to me and then take their word for it and sign my rights away? Sigh. I suspect this is just the beginning of a long life of being uptight. But that's what happens when all you do is learn about absurd worst case scenarios and the schmucks that get squished like bugs for not reading the fine print.

Remember The Office episode in which Michael locks everyone in the conference room to teach them a lesson and every law student in America had a heart attack because THAT HAS ALL THE ELEMENTS OF FALSE IMPRISONMENT?

Anyway. Our kid has loved the move, shrieking as she goes around each corner to discover ANOTHER empty room in which she can run around with her hands in the air shouting words she understands but no one else does and beaming at us. Sometimes she just claps and looks around delighted at the world and it melts my cold heart. She is also the cutest moving-urchin, in her pjs all day with who knows what smeared on her face and black feet from running barefoot on filthy floors. They're clean now though so when you come see us you can take your shoes off without fear. Also there are a bunch of kids next door who like to feed my kid raspberries through the fence, so if you hurry, maybe they'll be some left for you.

We moved!

(Imagine me saying that in the same voice little kids, e.g., my nieces, say things like "I DID IT!" after going to the bathroom. Triumphant, jubilant, please-applaud-me. That kind of tone.)


Erin said...


todd and i were amazed when buying our place at how two lawyers could be so totally baffled at the process.

my favorite legal office episode (there are so many!) is the one where michael just says, "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!!!"

AzĂșcar said...

We moved too--and the kids are just as delighted. I swear to you (under penalty of perjury) that they spend most of the day running, just RUNNING, because they have the space to for it.

And it's marvelous.

Anonymous said...

(In response to "We moved!")

*clap, clap, clap, clap*
"Yay!!! I knew you could do it!!!"

In the future, will you read all the fine print for me, masticate it in your genius brain, and then spit it back to me in easy to swallow words? Because I DO look like a dummy.

SO said...

Woot!! I too get lost without the mountains. I get turned around in the mall. Sad to say. Beh.

Enjoy your new home.

The Boob Nazi said...

I hate the time after you just moved. You can't unpack everything at once, so you don't know where anything is for at least two weeks. It's hell. Right after I move, I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks. Bad idea? Probably. Do I care? NO.

Jen Ha said...

Congratulations on the new house! I predict that you will spend the next year glued to HGTV and Home Depot! Enjoy decorating the new place. I'm sure it will be fabulous. Please post pictures of your Pottery Barn-esque home when the transformation is complete. :o)

Sara said...

I sat next to this guy in bar prep who had just moved. His wife hadn't made it to the new house yet, so it was him and boxes. He alternated the same two shirts for two weeks because they were all he could find. :-/

Yea for reading fine print! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

megandjon said...

yay for successful moving! yuck for getting lost all the time. just a little suggestion from a girl who probably wasted an accumulated 2 years of her life being lost in seattle, get a little dashboard compass (especially if your not into high tech things like gps's, like me). it helps, especially if you still get turned around with maps!

good luck!

Jay and Jess said...

I actually just got doing reading the order taking recinding his ex-wife's custody rights, but I think she'll get the kids back. It is sad that I am interested more in this then I ever was in his music.