Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'll stop my grumbles soon, but this must be said.

There's something you should know.

These are not decorations.
These look like hostages.


The Boob Nazi said...

so.... no bow?

SO said...

Bahahaha!! You. crack. me. up.

And you are right on the money.

Holly C M said...

Those will never be the same to me. You've made me see them in a new and horrible way. Thanks.

Dorothy said...

Yeah, like Martha Stewart smoked a little too much crack and got all pissed off at the chairs.

I've always thought that these things were ugly.

Brooke said...

Sad!! I loved my wedding chair sashes.

But they do look pretty bound and gagged ... as far as chairs go.

(Update coming ... it's almost the weekend!!! Of week three!!!)

Mrs. Clark said...

I always wondered: Does anybody really CARE if the chairs are all matchy-matchy? So we didn't do this at my daughter's reception. We had sushi and beef tenderloin instead!

gurrbonzo said...

Hahaha! Certainly, no offense to anyone who used them and liked them, or who doesn't cringe at the sight of them. That's okay. I just cringe every time I see them because MUST WE BLINDFOLD PERFECTLY GOOD CHAIRS? Are we ordering them somewhere with guns, or is it just pin the tail on the donkey?

I guess we'll never know.