Friday, September 11, 2009

yappity yap

  • I swear to you our kid gets cuter every day. Frankly, her cuteness is ridiculous. I've spent the majority of the week pretending to chase her around. I say "pretend" because I just have to act like I'm going to chase her, and then she'll cackle and shriek and run around the house and I just make noises and move slightly and then she comes back to me, like this joyful toddler boomerang.
  • I busted out the maternity clothes this week. I put it off for a while, but the time is here. Unfortunately, I remain in the awkward limbo stage of pregnancy where my shirt choices are monstrous tent or leeeetle too snug, but I shall carry on. Sometimes I realize that we're going to have another kid and I can't help but grin. No wonder all these people have been having kids for so long. Turns out reproduction rocks.
  • My brother and his hilarious fam came for a visit last week which was deeeeelightful, and we did lots of fun things like run around the city and eat and paint and blahblah. I asked the kids what their favorite part was (expecting they'd say the children's museum, or the awesome park downtown), and to my delight and amazement, they said, "The backyard!" and it melted my cold heart.
  • A friend of mine, lamenting the number of her acquaintances who look identical, recently said, "If you have blonde hair and are over 20, you're a liar or an albino." BAHAHA!
  • And finally, a lot of stuff in the ABA Journal can be semi-interesting. It provides easy, surface intros to some of the latest goings-on, like crazy settlements or huge layoffs or what have you. But every now and again, you run into a treat of an article like this one, with "consultants" offering older interviewees groundbreaking advice like (kid you not), "Ditch the combover or toupee," and "Try not to date yourself by saying things like 'in my day' or 'when I started out,'" and "Don't refer to women as 'gals.'" Wow. Great insight. No wonder you get PAID to give this advice. Every time I think about it, it gives me the giggles.


The Boob Nazi said...

Did I miss that you were pregnant? And thank you time a thousand for blogging. I've been DYING tonight for something to read.

Sarita said...

Im going to opt for albino. But that might make me a liar....

Sara said...

I feel like I should stand up for the few natural blonds and say I am neither albino NOR a liar, but am, in fact, blond after 20. Right now I'm red...I'm hiding the blondness!

Brooke said...

Dang it! I got called out ... I really was blonde until 20. Then it went light brown. I'm only halfway cheating. And I like the article. In 20 years I really hope I don't have a toupee.

Anna said...

I am a liar. But a happy liar.
good post.
happy your kid is cute, happy you passed the bar and happy you have a kicken backyard.