Friday, February 02, 2007

good story with a positive moral

My second semester of college, I had an assignment due, a big fat paper about post-independence Namibia (yes, as gripping as it sounds). Naturally, I didn't start on it until the night before, and obviously didn't finish. I gave up and went to bed, certain I was screwed. The next morning, a friend called to let me know that it was a snow day. A SNOW DAY IN COLLEGE. A gigantic storm and they couldn't plow the parking lots fast enough, so all classes at the U were cancelled. No one can remember that happening ever before! So in a wonderful act of God, I had another day to work on the paper and don't worry, definitely got an A.

Today, I didn't do the reading for Con Law, the meanest, scariest class where the professor says things like "I decide when you give up" when someone doesn't know the answer. Being unprepared is like showing up naked. So, I didn't do the homework, and just received an email this morning that SURPRISE class is cancelled. Happy Friday!

What have I learned from these two experiences? Never try. Putting it off pays.

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