Tuesday, February 13, 2007



So, we all know people get mean in law school, but especially professors. Apparently there is something fulfilling about pummeling the confidence out of people who are already overwhelmed and in startling amounts of debt.
The following exchange is completely factual:

(everyone visiting bc class hasn't started yet)

Prof: I'm sorry, am I interrupting you?
(immediate, frightened silence)
Prof: Let's see, Mr. Belvedere*, tell us to what extent this case is consistent with the original understanding of the 14th Amendment and why.
Mr. Belvedere tries really hard to answer.

Prof: I'm sorry, did you say anything substantive?
*named change to protect the attacked


Chareth Cutestory said...

What a douchebreath.

supalinds said...

ha ha..douchebreath...I have never heard that one before :)