Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What makes a vacation real

NO CLASS FOR A WHOLE WEEK. Though I still have 5 more days of fakeout vacation, don't worry, I've already made excellent use of the time. A look at life since Friday, by the numbers:

2 wedding fiestas
1 movie matinee
5 episodes of the West Wing
1/2 of a Maury Povich episode*
2 lunch dates
50 percent of my mission album done
3 naps
2 days of sleeping in til 11
3 new shirts
2 bowls of ice cream

*Note: it's not that I love Maury, and it's not that those magical, ever-surprising paternity tests invigorate me. It's just a little something left over from junior high: the only way to really feel like you aren't in school is to watch a talk show and/or soap opera and think about how you don't normally get to do that, so even if you don't like it and it isn't really that fun watching fat men named Skinny run off the stage when they realize they aren't the father, there is someting empowering about knowing THAT YOU CAN WATCH IT IF YOU WANT, and though some may view this as a colossal waste of time, you feel justified in wasting that time because YOU ARE ON VACATION and this is clearly, definitely definitely definitely a special day. Only in this case, I mean week.


Nikki said...

Wow. You have been a busy girl.

piglet26 said...

Hooray for Maury and paternity tests...what would a world of civilized television shows be like with out the lure of "reality" tv! ohhhhh and double hooray for new shirts!

Jay said...

I loved Jr. High

supalinds said...

You are so right, and as a retired housewife (without children), I have grown to love Regis and Kelly. Nothing like a talk show to remind you of your vast freedom.