Friday, February 02, 2007

You can't make this stuff up

I was tagged by Nikki to list five random things about me, but I can't think of anything since I recently listed a HUNDRED things about me. So instead, I am going to list five awesome things that have been said at law school recently:

1. My teacher just, as in, three minutes ago, referencing papers we just wrote on ancient law asked "How many of you thought that this was fun?" then actually looked surprised when no one raised their hand.

2. Same professor, elderly and skinny and gentle and a very dry, serious scholar, was talking about robbers and said that in ancient times these men "wanted to get some booty."

3. Law student A: "I'd say the thing speaks for itself, don't you think?"
Law student B: "Then I want to know what the hell it's saying."

4. Laid back professor: "Punitive damages are un-freaking-predictable, but it's the consumer's way of saying 'Corporate America, you can't screw me over.'"

5. Same professor's final advice: "Assuming you have a head, you should be able to write, like, the whole time."

Also, it is worth mentioning is a wise tidbit my dear friend and fellow law student Rachel shared: "I don't even bother drinking something if it doesn't have caffeine in it. It's not even worth it to me."

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