Wednesday, February 28, 2007

primary songs have the answer

In response to one of my classmates' comments, a teacher just said,

"Well, the way you described it, even though it was imprecise and colloquial..." and went on to tear her apart. She started nodding as he explained, and he stopped to say, "does this actually make sense to you or are you just pretending so I'll move on to someone else?"

I'm thinking about giving him a "kindness begins with me" t-shirt as a hint/present.

STOP. This just in. Literally AS I AM TYPING THIS he just called on someone else and after the student's comment, he said "That is a true statement. A statement whose relevance escapes me."


Justin & Kamie said... it just me or are your fellow classmates slow?

I wouldn't comment in class (or make eye contact with the teacher for that matter) if he responded like that..sheesh!

gurrbonzo said...

that's the worst part! you don't volunteer. he has a seating chart with our pictures so you can be a victim at any time.

Jay said...

The favorite part of my week hits at EXACTLY 12:05, because that moment is the longest amount of time that I have until I have to teach the Sunbeams again. They are absolutely out of control and need medication. At least two of them anyway. The rest are really cool kids, but the other two make it a living nightmare.

Anyway, I did actually change my blog site, so that is why I haven't been posting much. I found that I had little to say about myself, so I usually just post political stuff. Anyway- sorry for the mixup. My new one is

Emily said...

So, yes, pathetic person I am... I'm going back and reading lots of your blog. And I remember this day, and am shuddering at all the memories. Did it get better over time? There were some definite wonderful things going on, but that class was not one of them. Ug.