Thursday, July 19, 2007

All is well

Sure, I spent 3 hours on public transportation yesterday. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to read boring stuff for my fakeout jobs. The occasional bummer is not unheard of. But dear readers, at least I don't have bugs moving inside my head.

Let us give thanks.


J said...

'bugs, bugs, bugs in my head...bugs, bugs, bugs in my head'

(sung to the tune of skip to my lou)

A. Smithy said...

So I actually heard a story similar to this... a friend of a friends wife... got what looked like a zit while they were in Lake Powell. Her husband mocked her for weeks because it didnt go away. So she goes to see the dermatologist and he takes a look and decides to cut it open and when he does... all these little SPIDERS come crawling out everywhere!!!! aaahhh digusting huh? Needless to say I am a bit paranoid now everytime I get a pimple.