Monday, July 16, 2007

uh oh.

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Readers, this rating is apparently because my blog says "kill" 7 times, "hurt" twice and "dangerous" once. It makes me sound violent, but really I am full of love. It's good, except for...Doesn't it understand that I only used kill because it was accidentally used instead of keel??

Maybe it doesn't matter.

Sigh. My excuses mean nothing. People like me are the reason for posters like this:


Chris and Katie said...

PG?????!!! That's it? samsonite, I was way off! I was hoping for at least a 13 in there, especially after the dangereously, on-the-loose- kitty cat lime head!!

Comment #2.
If it weren't for those blessed church posters, there'd be a lot of coakroaches runnin around in my ice cream. Thanks for the warning.??????? never mind. forget it. I should've nammed it stupid comment #2.

Linds said...

My blog also got a PG rating. Guess why? Because I use the word "missionary."

jase said...

Now is that cockroach alive still or has he been keeled?