Friday, September 21, 2007

bus rage, continued

Dear Nose-picker from earlier this year,

Just wanted to thank you for grossing me out today. First, it was really thoughtful of you to get right up in my business and sit right next to me when there were plenty of other spots available. Second, how did you know that I desperately wanted to see your nasty BARE FEET? Thanks for TAKING OFF YOUR SANDALS, sitting cross-legged so that your cracked dirty toes and heel were staring right at me, and TOUCHING me when the bus turned periodically. Thanks for giving me athlete's thigh.

Your biggest bus fan.


C+K said...

EWWWWWWW.. are you sure it wasn't me in disguise?

BTW, that image is too sick for pics. thanks for the gag reflex, gurr.

gurrbonzo said...

hehehe. the pic is sick, eh? don't worry, it's actually a picture of mummy feet, but i figured it was close enough.

JaY said...


Why don't you just tell him that you were just contracted with syphalus and that it is extremely contagious and that you hope it wouldn't get onto him. Problem solved.

supalinds said...


Riddles said...

I am usally not grossed out by anything. Maybe it was because I was eating a chocolate doughnut when I saw this amazing picture, but I'll admit I threw up a little in my mouth. AND while writting this I had to drag the comment box over the picture to keep from hurling all over. So thanks for that. :)